At our last update on progress at Stitch Live!, the letters of the giant logo marquee had just been completed. Since then, work has slowly progressed with little commotion — as expected, the introduction of Stitch to Walt Disney Television Studios is modest from the outside.

Mid-December saw the removal of blue construction fences around the area, revealing a new brushed metal theatre ticket booth sitting neatly beneath the logo. This also revealed the two separate queue areas — one to the right, using the railings of the old Television Production Tour, and a new line to the right, under the previously unused canopy.

Each has its own turnstile and disabled gate, and will be dedicated to either the next English or French performance (since the show will be presented in two separate languages), in a similar queuing style to the two waiting areas at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing.

Image Image

In early February, work began on the area where a tree was removed (partly to make sure the logo was in guests’ line-of-sight as they walked through the courtyard) and the signage was illuminated for the first time.

The lighting is evenly spread inside the sign, similar to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. A noticeable improvement here, however, is that the white stars on their black oval background will light up at night along with the rest of the logo.


Over the past week, work on the entrance area of the new “living character” experience has brought it to being almost fully complete. Two very important additions have arrived — a grey noticeboard for show information and times, and the two pairs of electronic dot-matrix displays to sit above each entrance, in the metal frames added several months ago.

The noticeboard is noticeably more simplistic than that shown in the concept art, which had four sides and neon light decorations. Instead, it’s a simple art deco sign surrounded by new concrete on the exact circle where the tree was removed, decorated with the green Disney Channel logo, since Disney Channel will in effect be the “sponsor” of the show. The inside is currently empty, with nothing to suggest whether it will hold a printed notices or an electronic board like the similar sign outside Animagique.

Image Image

The dot-matrix displays are yellow on black, with the pair on the left tellingly featuring the default message “Welcome to Stitch Live!” whilst those on the right read “Bienvenue à Stitch Live !”, suggesting the two different language queues will be arranged accordingly.

Inside, the theatre and transformation of the pre-show area has been complete for some time already, as Stitch’s new voice artists practice their lines, jokes and witty answers to all the possible guest questions…

— With thanks to Photos Magiques and WDSfans. See more of their latest news photos here.

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