Member Lucky on Disney Central Plaza forum snapped the following photo from Disney Village‘s parking, showing the formerly empty area at the heart of the park now populated by the Hollywood sets in all shapes and styles. (Notice also the extra conifer trees recently added to the empty corner of Production Courtyard)


Further into the park, the picture-postcard view along the new Hollywood Boulevard is beginning to take shape, as shown in photos posted by from magicforum member Japper. The Off the Page/La Terrasse building now has its first prefab details, whilst the tall white skyscraper of the real Hollywood Boulevard‘s First National Bank has climbed almost to completion in less than a week.

Image Image

In a two-dimensional form with a heavy forced perspective, the building luckily still appears to sit well next to the all-important Hollywood Tower Hotel, sharing similar windows and vertical Art Deco lines in its architecture. No doubt the Imagineers saw this connection between the two buildings whilst on the search for new icons on the Studios’ boulevard. The windows of the tower appear to feature an extra layer of reflective plastic, although this could simply be some clever 2-D design work.

The make-up and layout of the boulevard forms this picture-postcard view from Disney Bros. Plaza, before fragmenting into its separate two-dimensional sets and their forced perspective playing tricks on the mind when — eventually — guests can walk along it toward the new Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic entrance…

Image Image

The entrance really will be brand new — the old 2002 “billboard” entrance featuring spotlights, a dragon and a Catastrophe Canyon oil tanker is officially no more. In perhaps the most ruthless transformation effort yet seen at the Studios (Toon Studio saw only additions, rather than destruction, for example), the signage has been dismantled leaving only the bare white frame behind.

The new entrance is still expected to be the mythical Hollywood Hills tunnel, framework for which appeared back in July just in front of the old entrance to the attraction’s large queue area.

Photos by Lucky, Japper, Arno-hh; with thanks to and Disney Central Plaza.

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