Strangely, it was back on 9th June 2006 that reported the first major rumours for the Animation Courtyard placemaking. Blue colours for the existing buildings, a Sorcerer Mickey statue and – just maybe – some of the characters from Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle overlay to appear on the Sorcerer’s Hat. Walt Disney Studios is lucky – it’s not often Disney park rumours become absolutely true…

Image Image
The redecorated Art of Disney / Wendy flies high 

So, here they are! After a break from park life for just over eight months, three of the golden statues from the ‘Happiest Celebration On Earth’ decorations at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom have flown their way right across the Atlantic for a permanent new home at Walt Disney Studios Park. Holes first appeared in the hat last weekend, and the statues were installed overnight on Tuesday/Wednesday the 16th/17th.

Peter Pan and Wendy are held in place by blue supports similar to those at their old home, whilst Tink flies on her own golden spiral, surrounded by stars.

Image Image
Peter Pan leads the way / Tinkerbell spirals to the top of the hat 

Of course, according to the various concepts we’ve seen, work shoudn’t end here. The stars, lines and moon should be painted gold and joined by some ‘3D’ golden spirals around the hat like those already trailing Tinkerbell. Shown on both this concept from February and the current Walt Disney Studios map are several other flying statues from Disneyland’s 50th at Walt Disney World. The young Michael is shown trailing Peter and Wendy, whilst Ariel and Flounder float above the canopy by the Art of Disney Animation entrance. Finally, Dumbo appears hovering just in front of the hat’s moon.

Since the current statues were installed on Wednesday nothing else has yet to happen with the project, opening up speculation about whether these further changes will happen. In the first of Grandmath’s photos above, though, a small hole can be spotted in the wall above the word ‘Disney’. A chip in the artwork or preparation for Flounder?

Other preparations nearby can’t be missed…

Boxes of sorcery? 

Some nice new wooden boxes as props? Of course not! They’re hiding the foundations of the Sorcerer Mickey statue, which has yet to make its long-awaited appearance. The ground and plants around this new square planter have all be made ready though, with the position for the base of the statue outlined with an oval in the greenery.

With thanks to Grandmath for the Hat photos and for the statue base photo!

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