2007 has been a whirlwind year for Walt Disney Studios Park, and although the four months between the announcement of Hollywood Boulevard and this first building structure may have brought noisy construction with a silence of news, the magic has been quietly building all this time. Can you imagine knowing 12 months ago a whole boulevard of street sets was to be green-lit and begin construction? It was top of the Walt Disney Studios “wishlist” for every fan throughout the first five years of the park, and now it’s becoming a reality.

This is the first major example of Walt Disney Imagineering’s “placemaking” initiative, and last week Disneytheque.com snapped exciting photos of the very first framework for a piece of the future ‘Boulevard of Dreams’… well, “exciting” if you scroll down a little further to see what it’ll become…

It’s a little less than dream-like, hey? But since every guest now visits the park equipped with their own construction-tracker (in the form of the recently updated park map), they can spot exactly which piece of the boulevard has begun construction…

In this case, it’s one of the “Pueblo Deco tower” buildings confirmed from the Cast Member Rendez-Vous event in January, and a closer look at the construction-tracker guide map reveals this is already a familiar Disney icon – one of the most popular pieces of Hollywood Pictures Backlot at Disney’s California Adventure park. The main tower of the ‘Off the Page’ storefront will be reconstructed without its signage – or interior.

The exact details of what will be featured inside the buildings has yet to be confirmed. Some, such as the ‘Gone Hollywood’ storefront across the street (also from California Adventure), will be nothing more than facades, but with the more three-dimensional buildings such as ‘Off the Page’, possibilites arise for actual uses. It has been confirmed already that one of the building arches to the left of this tower will shelter a brand new Tips Board (waiting times indicator) for the park.

The metal frame itself still has some way to grow – it currently reaches only to around the top of the Disney characters on the ‘Off the Page’ sign. With a line of impressive Pueblo Deco facades in front of the Tower and a second boulevard behind (stretching from Studio Tram Tour to Production Courtyard), The Hollywood Tower Hotel will be given a true boulevard setting and enclosed within its own Hollywood land, the buildings also helping to increase its height through forced perspective.

And in just over seven months, the Boulevard of Dreams will be complete. Now that is the magic of the movies!

Latest photos by Disneytheque.com, Off the Page photo by Jeff Keller.

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