Come a little closer, step into the wonder of everything that’s waiting for you, through those 15th Anniversary-themed doors of the Main Street boutiques…

Well, a new CD Single, at least! The first release of new, never-before-available music in over 15 months, infact. Featuring simply the standard version of the Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade and Candleabration song, ‘Just Like We Dreamed It’, along with an instrumental version, the CD is priced at the standard 5,50€ and presented in a pastel and navy blue cardboard sleeve with the “15 Magical Years” merchandise logo and illustrations of Mickey and Lumière.

The back cover features full lyrics, but also credits for the song. So, for the first time, we can learn that not only was the music executive produced (as expected) by the resort’s musical director Vasile Sirli, but also by well-known Disney theme parks musician Bruce Healey, most famous for his work on Disney’s Fantillusion.

We also learn that the vocals on the song were recorded by Renee Sandstrom and Ruben Martinez and, of course, the first thing to do here is a quick google of those names… Could either of them beat the “fun fact” power of Dancin’ (A Catchy Rhythm)‘s Joey Diggs being most famous for the “Always Coca-Cola” song?

Whilst Ruben Martinez is hard to source, only popping up on a handful of Disney remix CDs such as Mickey’s Dance Party, Renee Sandstrom (better known as Renee Sands) seems to be quite the cult star. A singer from a young age, she has cult status for starring as a young girl on the late 1980s MGM show “Kids Incorporated”, which it seems was picked up by The Disney Channel after its first season. Wikipedia introduces it by describing “The series revolved around a group of children and teenagers who performed in their own rock group, Kids Incorporated.”

And now, the voices of both singers – both with previous Disney connections – can be heard several times daily in Disneyland Park, as well as countless homes across Europe and the world, thanks to this CD!

So is this it for 15th Anniversary music releases? Certainly not! Another interesting detail on the CD is that it carries the catalogue number EDDA036-2, whilst the last CD release, a re-release of the Disney’s Fantillusion Parade CD, carried the number EDDA034-2, leaving a gap in the line and hinting towards another CD yet to come. Another sneaky hint is the shiny sticker on the plastic wrap of the new CD, proclaiming “15 Magical Years in Music”. For the resort to produce a special sticker just for this CD is unlikely, and whilst this CD features brand new music, the sticker appears to hint towards a release featuring music from throughout the fifteen years.

Perhaps those whispers of a special album, or even double album are getting a bit louder, then. We’d better keep our eyes (and ears) open…

You can find more information about the CD, and every other music release in the resort’s 15-year history, on our own Disneyland Resort Paris CD Archive, which also features 30-second previews from each track.

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