Remember the old Candy Palace? Faded decorations, overcrowded shelves and not a particularly appetizing overall look…

Now, thanks to the ongoing refurbishments both inside and out of Main Street‘s famous boutiques, the Boardwalk Candy Palace is glowing with a cleaner, fresher, pinker feel. With bright colours returned to its façade and two new pink-striped canopies, the Candy Palace has a sweet-toothed new look to match that given to The Emporium last year. Like a real street in a real turn-of-the-century town, trends are passing and times are changing – the boutiques following with them.

Stepping inside, you’re now met not by cash registers and a large, over-crowded sales counter, but instead by a bright and open interior populated with simple, organised and – important for the park’s child-orientated demographic – lower sales displays. The reorganised floorplan, just like that at the “new” Emporium, gives the beautiful wall painting a much more prominent feel, by moving the loose candy sales counter over to join the take-away counter – easier for the Cast Members as well as giving the sweets a fresher feel.

With this gone, the mural is open for photographers and fronted with a brand new pick-n-mix display, adding even more colour to the Atlantic City seashore above.

The cashiers are now hidden behind the two main pillars, with a third in the front section of the store opposite the fresh candy counter. With a fresh coat of white paint and a soft pink touch to the ceiling skirting, the hidden candies and delights of the store’s interior design are much easier to spot.

With the redesign comes a new menu design and point-of-sale displays. Using a pink scheme mimicking traditional wallpaper style and using the seashell motif from the store’s façade, they’ve created an authentic, new turn-of-the-century “brand” similar to the paper wrapping of old-fashioned hand-packed confectionary. As a break from the fairly cheap character-covered sweets already available in every other boutique, it’s a shame this new design hasn’t been extended to the candy packaging itself, for a new line of more exclusive Board Candy Palace-exclusive creations, perhaps?

Like their work on the Emporium across the street though, the refurbishment teams have once again worked hard to really bring out the best features of this popular store. Not just following guidelines for better sales, but helping also to highlight the beautiful original designs of 1992, fifteen years on.

With thanks to Photos Magiques for photos featured here.

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