Your Red Carpet to the 15th Anniversary…

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The Red Carpet in full:

29th March 2007

18:00PanoraMagique flies the 15
PanoraMagique flies the anniversary emblem.

20:30Souvenirs prêt à vendre
New souvenirs appear at Hotels & Disney Village.

30th March 2007

10:00J-1 brings frenzied final touches
Hub banners, press platform, Frontierland flags, Mickey statue’s new wand,
Character medals, more cleanup, Plaza Gardens fountain temporary plants.

16:00(Video) Final rehearsals for new entertainment
Video clips from the final rehearsals for Disney Characters’ Express and
Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, mixed with a glimpse at the first press
filming and some final spit and polish on Main Street just before the rainy

31st March 2007

10:00Red Carpet ribbon-cutting welcomes the press
First on the press agenda – a red carpet welcome and ribbon-cutting ceremony
featuring Miley Cyrus, the Fab 7, a dixie band, Victorian dancers and more
Disney characters.

10:15(Video) A classic Main Street welcome for guests
Guests were welcomed into Disneyland Park on the 15th Anniversary launch day not
only by a stunning new Lumière-themed entrance, but also by a Main Street full
of classic hustle and bustle.

10:30Just Like We Dreamed It – the CD Single
The CD Single of ‘Just Like We Dreamed It’ appears on the shelves of The
Storybook Store and Emporium for the first time!

11:00(Video) Disney Characters’ Express press premiere
The official press premiere of Disney Characters’ Express starring Miley Cyrus
(Hannah Montana) was met by a line of frenzied camera crews and reporters.

14:45(Video) 15th Anniversary Pre-Parade
A marching band! A special anniversary float! A sea of blue and yellow-dressed
volunteers! The pre-parade before the official premiere of Disney’s Once Upon a
Dream Parade created a buzz not felt for years.

15:0015th Anniversary Launch Ceremony with Andie MacDowell
The 15th Anniversary and Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade was launched with a
bang, as balloons and confetti filled the air, a marching band jazzed up the
rainy day and Mickey invited some very special guests to introduce the “Once
upon a dream”.

15:05(Video) Once upon a dream/nightmare premiere
Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade officially premiered to much fanfare following
the official anniversary launch ceremony. But they say there are two sides to
every story, and this storybook premiere is no different.

16:10A VIP day out at Disneyland Park
Continuing the trend for the 15th Anniversary to outdo all that has come before,
a bumper motley crew of press and “celebrities” descended on the resort come
March 31st.

20:50(Video) 15th Launch Night: Daniel Powter
First on the spectacular evening line-up: Daniel Powter, performing two live
songs on Central Plaza.

21:10(Video) 15th Launch Night: Candleabration Fireworks
The VIPs have mingled, the fans have waited, Daniel Powter has performed –
there’s only one thing left for guests: an extra-special Candleabration, and an
incredible, breathtaking fireworks display. Also included here is a photo tour
of the new, illuminated 15th Anniversary Main Street.

21:3015th Launch Night: Red Carpet press event
Details of the exclusive VIP event and dinner in Frontierland and Adventureland
after park closure.

1st April 2007

09:55Park Maps join the party, reveal secrets
Park Guide maps for both parks receive a new anniversary style, and the Walt
Disney Studios map travels forward in time to 2008!

10:00Press Release & Concepts: 15th grows with new attractions
The press are introduced to ‘Phase 2’ of the 15th, with press releases and
concept art for the upcoming attractions and entertainment at WDS.

11:30Castle Makeover up-close and across the park
A detailed look at the Character Castle Makeover – both up-close and from around
the five lands of Disneyland Park.

12:00‘MORE’ Disney Characters
A look at the increased character presence during “The Year to Live Your Dream”.

12:45(Video) Disney Characters’ Express
Full photo and video report of the new character parade and meet ‘n’ greet.

14:00(Video) Flying Carpets over Toon Studio
Take a quick break from the party and head over to Walt Disney Studios Park for
a quick check-up on progress with the second phase of events – at Toon Studio.
Featuring a ride on Flying Carpets over the new land and a walk-around tour of
the current land.

16:00(Video) Dreams of Power takes control
It’s the official first day performance of Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade!
With the press departed and the sun shining, nothing can possibly go wrong… or
can it?

2nd April 2007

11:15(Video) Alpha Bet You Are
A detailed look at the unique new Alpha Bet You Are streetmosphere show,
including photos, a full video and lots of information about the ideas behind
these new characters.

18:00(Video) Candleabration daytime
Experience the epic spectacle of Candleabration as if you were there, with our
video of the day’s early evening performance.

20:00Extra Magic Hours are go!
The first night of Extra Magic Hours. Includes a scan of the guide leaflet and
some special nighttime photos to bring the series to a close.
And now… the Red Carpet is yours! The party is waiting, the only one missing is YOU!

Congratulations to both the creators of these dreams and to all those Cast Members involved in the spectacular 15th Anniversary launch, and finally… Happy Birthday Disneyland Resort Paris!!

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