Toon Town in Paris comes not in the form of a real land but instead in the form of a giant backdrop, most of which was lowered into place and positioned piece-by-piece yesterday on the metal framework we mentioned in the last Toon Studio update.

Matching almost exactly the illustration seen recently on the work-in-progress 2008 map, the backdrop features a series of colourful, exaggerated buildings nestled behind the Toon Studio wall and surrounded by the Toon Town hills. As a worker lowers a section of the purple building into place, the true scale of the backdrop can finally be seen.

Of course, you’ll still be able to walk around in Toon Town, since Toon Studio is technically a movie studio located within the fictional town. With this in mind, more and more Toon touches are now making their way to the land. Whilst the entrance area with its Fantasia styles is a more serious look at the art of animation, Toon studio bears all the quirks and fun of a madcap movie studio run by the animated stars themselves.

Recently installed, seen above, are some bendy and twisted lampposts in blue and yellow, filling the area reserved for character locations and bordered by the wall which has now taken on a classic WDS shade of yellow. The work-in-progress map also showed a yellow and blue security booth in this area, where the (faux) main entrance gate is located.

Elsewhere in Toon Studio, progress can be seen all around. From Flying Carpets Over Agrabah, the queue of Crush’s Coaster is surrounded by palms and planting, though you can probably still spot the new lamps also installed here recently – and perhaps the new backstage gatepost added onto the wall bordering the Genie’s film set.

In front of the film set, the recent three-week refurbishment brought not only a general cleap-up but also new changes to the Agrabah Oasis planters, first unveiled in January. The deep red railings have now been painted silver, whilst the planters have finally been covered in sand for an authentic Arabian feel. The lookout platform next to the attraction, closed for almost a year now, has also been repainted from blue to a light purple, blending well with the blue of Crush and the green railings of Flying Carpets (photo here).

The biggest news from the reopening of Flying Carpets, though, is that guests now have the exciting opportunity to walk on the brand new flooring of Animation Courtyard. Whilst not currently what many might have expected for the land, particularly its colour, the different levels of shading from the granite tiles and asphalt mixed with the lines and strong geometric shapes do hint quite nicely back to the art of animation itself. Was this intentional? Who knows!

The Photos Magiques camera also captured a group of Imagineers with some of the construction crew inspecting the new floor, which does certainly succeed in breaking up the vast mid-section of the land and lending the area a more “courtyard” feel – ironically enough when the “Courtyard” name is about to be dropped.

And we’re not done yet… what about Animagique? Covered in scaffolding for a repaint earlier this month, the entire front wall of the building now sports the trademark shade of Toon Studio blue, whilst the large number 3 has been repainted to the same style as the new Studio 5 (Crush’s Coaster)… but not replaced. Studio 5 uses “Walt Disney Script” for its number, whilst Studio 3 will, for now, remain in its original “Impact”-style typeface. No changes have yet been made to the rest of the attraction building.

Finally, we end with an excellent overview of the entire placemaking project from Flying Carpets Over Agrabah, clearly showing the current position of all the construction fences. Yellow “Hollywood Studio” fences have captured the entrance and Sorcerer Hat of Art of Disney Animation this week, as the new flooring expands and more placemaking work begins. For a very short time, guests must enter the attraction by walking towards Studio Tram Tour and then doubling back through the attraction’s outside queue area, behind the current Hollywood Boulevard works.

So there we have it – Toon Town has arrived, a whole new floor is laid and endless new tweaks and enhancements continue to appear. Those Toons sure know how to get their way…

All photos by Photos Magiques. You can see the whole lot here.

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