The television commercial was featured on a loop of several different languages, each practically identical and each featuring some stunning new footage and post-production CGI.

The theme as we already know is the “Red Carpet”, and so after a brief glimpse at the illuminated Castle, the teaser begins with Mickey and countless other characters rolling out a huge red carpet down Main Street USA. In an instant, it shoots into the sky and travels across Europe, through forests, along roads and into the city and suburbs. Two children, a brother and sister, run to the window to watch it pass (you can even see it in a reflection in the window!), before it knocks on their door. When the girl answers, it transforms her immediately into a dazzling Princess dress.

Next, we’re treated to a shot of a huge red carpet stretching off into the distance, towards the Castle, lined with Disney characters. At one end, the girl dances in joy at meeting her favourite Disney friends, before she follows their beckoning along the carpet, past the new events unveiled for the year.

We see a shot of the Alice in Wonderland float of Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams in California to substitute for Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, and the girl waves to the Mad Hatter next to her brother. The brother is then shown in a computer-redesigned Animation Courtyard to preview Cars Race Rally, waving the checkered flag for Mater and Lightning McQueen. Sets from Moteurs… Action! have been added in on one side to give a bit more life to the unfinished area. Another interesting attraction preview comes next, with a family stood against a railing with the EAC flying around them, to give an idea the sensations Crush’s Coaster might give come June 2007.

With the new attractions unveiled, the trailer announces the “Kids Under 7 Stay & Play Free” offer on a red carpet background, before we return to see the little girl and her brother reach the end of the red carpet to find Mickey Mouse himself waiting at the end. A closer look here reveals the Main Street of Disneyland in California was used for filming, although effort was certainly made to convince the public otherwise – even the upcoming Lumiere banners have been added to the lampposts!

The girl looks beyond Mickey to the Castle, and, as the final shot, the whole family turn around to watch the stunning transformation of the Character Castle Makeover. The spot then ends with the now-familiar Disney Parks cloud visual, with the Disneyland Resort Paris 15 logo, a phone number and a link to

The music used is the same as the recent “Disney Parks” and “Year of a Million Dreams” commercials – namely track 2, “Flying”, from the James Newton Howard-composed soundtrack of Universal’s live-action Peter Pan movie, the movie Disney pulled out of mid-production.

The stunning TV Spot will begin showing across Europe from early March, and with the hard work and quality on show here, it will hopefully be a huge success. Once this trailer is rolled out, people won’t even need a red carpet knocking on our door to remind them of the Anniversary. They’ll be there!

Video and stills © Disney. TV spot stills taken from video by Kyoto, of

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