Whilst this area is still behind construction fences, work has now shifted up a good few gears and a full timeline of the current project has been revealed, as Animation Courtyard is about to be engulfed in blue construction walls to make its transition to Toon Studio.

The work schedule for the next few months was revealed on Disney Central Plaza forum by the reliable La Rouquine, and suggests that a large part of the work on this “place-making” project will infact be complete by the end of 2006. Work starts this week at the entrance of Art of Disney Animation, then from mid-October to mid-November work will continue around the entrance of the land whilst the new Sorcerer Mickey entrance statue is installed. Next, construction fences will move to the entrance of Animagique and the exit of Art of Disney Animation. Finally, work will move to the area between the Art of Disney Animation exit and Cars Race Rally, in preparation for the opening of the new area of the land.

Indeed, this schedule has been put into action already. As if by magic yesterday, construction walls appeared in a circle to the right of the Art of Disney Animation entrance. The walls only cover a small amount of the outside wall of the attraction, and sit between the entrance doors and the Sorcerer’s Hat.

The new Sorcerer Mickey statue on the opposite side of the path will reportedly feature a spark of magic arcing out from Mickey’s pointed finger and curving over the entrance to the land, where it will break to allow tall parade units to pass, before ending on the other side with a downward arc. The entire land is also due to receive new, bright paving, redesigned planting areas, more trees and possibly even a fountain, all with the aim of better defining the whimsical animation theme of the area.

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