The biggest change in this second little book is ironically an increase in its size, since the seperate “Price Guide” that was included with the first 2006 version has now been merged back into the main brochure, keeping the non-glossy paper style but now featuring a whole two-page spread for every single Disney Hotel’s pricing structure. To compensate for this, the brochure’s spine has been bound using glue rather than staples for the first time. A trivial thing to note, perhaps, but the rectangular spine works well to make the brochure more alike the “little book” the designers envisaged.

Seasonal events are once again pushed aside in this new brochure, with the calendar only referencing “Summer”, “Halloween” and “Christmas” seasons rather than individual shows and parades. With no Magic Unlimited, Kids Carnival or Easter next year, the calendar has instead been filled with many more of the resort’s successful “free days and nights” and “kids free” special offers for these months.

A selection of pages from the new brochure.

It should also be noted that this brochure does not include the promotional Holiday Planning DVD which was previously included with the Spring/Summer 2006 brochure. You can order the new brochure for yourself right now at the official website,

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