Top of the bill: Karl Holz was watching the show on the hub, next to the Wishes logo. (We were staning on the gate right in front of it). He was already in a bad mood when there were a lot of errors during the Fantillusion parade (appearently the 3 Fairies float crashed when it drove on stage, causing the stop animation and music to play while it was driving along the parade route). Quite a few floats had missing effects or weren’t working like they’re supposed too.

And then the fireworks started way too late, because (we were told by someone from Guest Flow) there was a group at the Blue Lagoon which refused to leave, so they had to wait until they had left before the fireworks could start.

And then ofcourse almost nothing happened during the fireworks. Most of the show was dead, with people actually boo-ing or plain leaving. Karl Holz told to some Disney Central Plaza forum members that there were problems with the computer that launches the fireworks.

Photos Magiques will be featuring a full gallery of photos from the fireworks very soon.

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