Our Disney Dreams! HD video celebrates 50,000 views

Thank you! You came and dreamed a dream with us, now our HD video of the Disney Dreams! World Premiere has just become both the most watched video of the show on YouTube and officially the first to celebrate a staggering 50,000 views!

It’s funny to think that as I stood there, on that cold night of 31st March, with the new camera bought especially for the occasion, ready to press “record”, over 50,000 other people would soon end up seeing the same view of this spectacular new show’s grand premiere. Hopefully you enjoyed it just as much as we did. And if you haven’t enjoyed or planned a trip to see the show for yourself, let’s just say one thing: our video may now be “50,000 views” good, but nothing beats seeing the show with your own eyes.

Don’t miss our second video of the show, either: Disney Dreams! Opening Night (Front Row) gives you the livelier atmosphere of the first performance on 1st April 2012, filmed up-close from the front row, where the fountains and effects really tower overhead.

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