Walt Disney Studios Park Disneyland Paris

C’est dans la boîte? Not until 9pm with the upcoming new extended hours for Walt Disney Studios Park, as the studios extends its production schedule for the first time in years.

From Thursday 10th July 2014, which also happens not coincidentally to be the opening date of Ratatouille: The Adventure, the second gate will remain open for a full two hours longer than its previous peak closing time of 7pm.

These 10am – 9pm hours, along with the usual generous 10am – 11pm schedule of Disneyland Park, are confirmed to continue until the end of July.

Though dates further ahead have not yet been confirmed, we can reveal that the planned schedules call for Walt Disney Studios Park to continue these 9pm hours daily for the whole of August and right up until Sunday 7th September, when they will switch to being weekends-only for the rest of that month. Weekdays in September will likely revert to 10am – 6pm hours.

We can also reveal that, inside the park, the adjoining Bistrot Chez Rémy restaurant should remain open until half an hour before park closing time — so as late as 8.30pm on these longer days. Yes, at last — an evening meal inside Walt Disney Studios!

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