Disneyland Paris January 2014 calendar updates

Our one-stop Disneyland Paris calendar has been updated with the latest dates, hours and details for the autumn and winter months ahead, now taking us right through to January 2014.

Monthly Park Hours now extend to January 2014, with opening times for both parks, Extra Magic Hours and the ever-useful colour-coded hotel pricing seasons, if you’ve yet to book. If you’re not too fond of the new official day-by-day Disneyland Paris calendar pages, which require a whole lot of clicking or tapping to check hours for each day, you’ll be pleased to see we still provide these in a monthly format — all on the same page in a single glance!

A single click then takes you across to Closures & Refurbishments, with all the upcoming attraction refurbishment dates on a single page and in logical order. January looks to be a particularly busy month at Disneyland Paris, both for seasonal closures and genuine refurbishments such as Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril.

Looking further ahead, Extra Magic Hours dates are now available for February and March 2014, while our simple Season Dates page provides the dates for Bonfire, Christmas, St David’s and St Patrick’s.