Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Launch Weekend

Wow, what a month it has been already! First, the 20th Anniversary launch itself on the weekend of 31st March and 1st April, then the special one-off events for 12th April 2012 — celebrating exactly 20 years to the day that Disneyland Paris opened its gates to the world.

If you haven’t been able to make it to Marne-la-Vallée during this incredible fortnight, no problem — we can take you there! We invested in a brand new, state of the art Panasonic HC-X900 video camera just in time for all the events, to capture them in crisp 1080p High Definition. So far, we’ve already uploaded no less than 19 original videos from the 20th Anniversary, totalling over five hours of video!

Disney Magic on Parade!
Disney Dreams!

Notable highlights include the complete Disney Dreams! World Premiere on 31st March. While the edited online broadcast of the show (pre-recorded a few nights earlier, and in one edition even missing the crucial Second Star to the Right!) has been re-uploaded numerous times to YouTube, our 23 minute video captures the entire, real event, including the dreamy post-show song, as if you were there. The show stands up brilliantly to repeat viewings, so be sure to also watch our Disney Dreams! Opening Night video from the first public performance on 1st April. For this one, we moved right up-close into the front row at the foot of the castle bridge, where the projections are crystal clear and the fireworks and fountains tower overhead!

We also have two videos of the revamped Disney Magic on Parade!: the press premiere on 31st March, when it travelled “backwards” along the parade route, and the opening day performance of 1st April, under sunnier skies.

If you want the inside secrets of these 20th Anniversary events, particularly Disney Dreams!, then don’t miss our complete 48-minute video of the special Q&A with Steve Davison, Kat de Blois and Katy Harris which we were privileged to attend with an intimate group of other fan websites on 31st March. The three entertainment creatives and directors talk about their inspiration for the show and the challenges they faced. We even got them to give the official line on the very welcome removal of Central Plaza stage. Spoiler alert: Steve wrote the memo!

We were also there to capture “as if you were there” videos of the ceremonies and press events. Not as polished as the official videos, but probably capturing more of the true atmosphere, you can experience the 20th Anniversary Opening Ceremony with Salma Hayek and a live performance of “Magic Everywhere!”, plus the nighttime 20th Anniversary Dedication Ceremony with Philippe Gas and a spectacular, multi-coloured walk up Main Street to the world premiere of Disney Dreams!.