Whilst the inclusion of Easter in this 3rd Quarter (in 2005 it was in 2nd Quarter) could provide the main reason for this, you cannot argue with the confirmation from Euro Disney SCA that total revenues are up 4% (a very impressive amount considering the huge financial figures involved) so far this year compared to the prior year period.

With the opening of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast on 8th April 2006, plus new marketing initiatives such as the “Believe In Your Dreams” campaign, the discounted “Francilien” ticket and the radical new “Little Book of Big Dreams” brochure, it appears the resort has finally taken the first positive step towards recovery. With three new attractions and a new parade all coming in the next 18 months as part of the resort’s biggest marketing push ever, the 15th Anniversary, will the financial status continue to (albeit slowly) improve?

Karl Holz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.A.S., said:
‘I am pleased with year-to-date revenues and especially with third quarter’s, as well as with the success of the opening of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, the first step of our multi-year investment program. These results reflect the Group’s strategy of increasing growth through innovative marketing and sales efforts as well as a multi-year investment program. This performance is encouraging as we enter into the important summer months.’

You can see the revenues announcement in full here.