Monday, 24th July 2006

Yellow terror, or white?

The front (show scene / boiler room section) of the Tower has risen further and is now nearing its peak, whilst more details and basic themeing touches can be seen all over. The protruding concrete columns on the back of the tower give extra relief and style, along with the first windows which have now been fitted. The front of the Tower already gives a strong Hollywod feel, with the bare concrete shells of the smaller buildings already featuring many basic art deco touches in their design.

Photo above available with more at

Tuesday, 18th July 2006

Soarin’ into the future

In addition to describing in detail a map created in 2003 by Imagineer Peter McGraph to show a direction the Studios could take (including two of Disneyland Park’s recent additions), Bell lays out his own (very possible) beliefs about the future direction of the park…

This rumoured future plan includes the following:
2008: Studio Tram Tour station move, route alteration and new sets. New central plaza on old station spot.
2008/09: Expansion of Toon Studio
2009/10: Soarin’ Over The World
2012: New boulevard leading from plaza, with signature attraction at the end.

Almost all of this expansion relies on next year – 2007 – being a huge success for the resort, and with the importance Disneyland Resort Paris is already placing on its 15th Anniversary celebrations, it seems they know this all too well. Should the year produce sufficiant attendance figures, though, Bell believes this timeline to provide an accurate view of the bright future of our Studios.

News adapted from WDS Fans. You can read the original article in full here »

Tuesday, 18th July 2006

Putting Mickey on the map

The move was to allow the temporary fences in Animation Courtyard to be moved further into the park so that construction could fully begin on the Toon Studio attractions.

Now, after many months of confusion for first time guests, the park map has finally been updated to show the change, with the trailer filling the gap in Production Courtyard. No other alterations have been made to the map, but it seems likely, according to many sources, that the lack of information about the attractions currently under construction at the park is “set to change soon”…

You can see a large scan of the updated map at WDS Fans »

Wednesday, 12th July 2006

Race Rally puts pedal to the metal

A giant rectangular pit has been dug out in the exact location of the tea cups-style ride’s two turntables. The ride will be the same style of attraction as Francis’ Lady Bug Boogie at Disney’s California Adventure park and The Whirlpool at Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea park.

The vehicles spin in a circular direction until they reach the meeting point of the two turntables, where they switch from one to the other and complete the second section of their figure-of-eight ride.

More photos can be found at Disney Central Plaza forum.

News from WDS Fans.

Thursday, 6th July 2006

Lights! Camera! Diversion!

As these latest photos show, the parade also travels in a reversed direction, with its finale taking place in Backlot after a grand opening between Disney Studio 1 and CinéMagique.

Interestingly, the float order has also been altered, with Donald’s director chair and Minnie’s costume department arriving on set before Tinkerbell’s original opening float, and The Lion King’s script now travelling behind Pinocchio’s clapperboard.

News from WDS Fans.

Thursday, 6th July 2006

Adding more Terror to the Tower…

In addition to the vertical white cladding fixed onto the back of the tower to give the finished building more depth and detail, preparations for the dome on top of tower have begun with the addition of a circular steel base frame.

Windows on the back and lower front of the building have been enclosed by the concrete interior walls and even a small section of paint testing has begun on the walls surrounding the attraction’s power grid at the rear of the construction site.

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

“Grab shell, dude!” – The latest from Toon Studios

These supports will hold in place the main façade of the building, which rises higher than the building itself and includes the large number “5” plaque, in a similar style to the Disney Studio 1 building.

You can see the concept model of the Crush’s Coaster (previously known as Crush’s Turtle Twister) attraction façade here.

Earlier this week, more track in the “dark ride” section of the attraction was put in place, and the much-discussed exterior “dip” finally became visible. The vehicles will climb a small lift hill after the boarding area, before leaving the building through the façade and taking a short spiralling dip towards the right, where they will re-enter the showbuilding.

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

Mike Wazowski arrives on the Scream Scene

The addition of such a statue has been rumoured since the photo location first opened on 8th April 2006, and was finally unveiled this weekend along with some new decorative “monster eyes” peering over the fence.

With extra signage, working Scream Monitors, statues of CDA officers and now Mike Wazowski, is it possible that this expansive photo location is now finally complete?

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