Thursday, 13th July 2006

Long Summer days begin tomorrow!

In 2005, the Happiest Celebration On Earth allowed Disneyland Resort Paris to launch the new Wishes Nighttime Spectacular under the umbrella of a new, specific seasonal event. After the success of the Halloween, Christmas and Carnival seasons in dispersing crowds throughout the year, it seemed more effort was needed for the Summer season to remain profitable for the resort. And so, Summer Magic was born.

Here are this year’s most talked-about Summer Magic events, which we’ll no doubt be covering in much more detail over the next seven days:

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular
The controversial nighttime spectacular returns for a second season, from 15th July. Labelled “controversial” because its over-reliance on projections and special effects caused many fans to raise criticisms about a shortage of fireworks. Whilst new special effects were mentioned in official Annual Passport magazine “Envie de +”, initial reports suggest the show has remained almost identical to the 2005 version.
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Disney Princess Parade
For just over two months, The Wonderful World of Disney Parade becomes known as Disney Princess Parade.
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Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Too
The popular Summer season show has now moved to the indoor Fantasy Festival Stage. Along with a totally reworked soundtrack and a new song by legendary resort musical director Vasile Sirli, the show is presented with new lighting effects and redesigned stage sets. With only 375 seats compared to the 800 at the outdoor Royal Castle Stage, however, can the new location cope with demand for the silly old bear?
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Captain Jack Sparrow Meet ‘n’ Greet
The unforgettable pirate captain from the movie series drops anchor in Adventureland for meet ‘n’ greets, next to Au Chalet de la Marionnette.
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Bastille Day Fireworks
Tomorrow night, one of Disneyland Park’s biggest fireworks displays once again illuminates the night sky on France’s major national holiday. With massive bursts of fireworks and traditional French music, this is Disney entertainment with a twist!

Summer Magic begins tomorrow, 14th July, and will run until 27th August 2006.

Sunday, 9th July 2006

An impromptu Summer “Fantasy in the Sky”

After the April testing of Walt Disney World’s “Extra Magic Hours” concept (extra hours in the park only for Disney Hotel guests) and May’s more unpopular “Demand based Opening Hours” (shorter park hours on quiet weekdays), June’s trial of extended weekend openings with a specially created fireworks show came as something of a surprise.

Fans of the old Tinkerbell’s Fantasy In The Sky Fireworks show, which enjoyed its final season during the Summer of 2004, were given the gift of a brief return of its classic soundtrack along with new (albeit smaller) pyrotechnic effects. Despite featuring fewer fireworks than its 2004 cousin, this new 2006 Summer Fantasy In The Sky could be said to rival 2005’s Wishes Nighttime Spectacular in the same department!

Tinkerbell’s 2006 Fantasy finished its impromptu season last night, however you can still experience the magic for yourself at home. Photos Magiques has a gallery full of spectacular photos of the show, whilst presents a video of the show (right click to download) to give the full in-park experience: complete with obligatory “oooo!” as the lights dim and over-excited children standing too close for comfort.

Wishes is set to make a welcome return next Saturday, with promises of more brand new special effects from the resort’s vice-president of shows, François Leroux.

Thursday, 6th July 2006

Lights! Camera! Diversion!

As these latest photos show, the parade also travels in a reversed direction, with its finale taking place in Backlot after a grand opening between Disney Studio 1 and CinéMagique.

Interestingly, the float order has also been altered, with Donald’s director chair and Minnie’s costume department arriving on set before Tinkerbell’s original opening float, and The Lion King’s script now travelling behind Pinocchio’s clapperboard.

News from WDS Fans.

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade creative text

– – – – –

Imagine a dream that lasts the whole year…

Imagine seeing some of your favourite dreams on parade. Adventure. Friendship. Romance. All of them come to life before your very eyes.

Imagine joining Mickey and friends in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to relive some of your favourite Disney moments and stories, with some of the most recent and timeless Disney Characters. Imagine being able to laugh, dance and skip-a-di-doo-da along with the likes of Baloo, Cinderella, Timon, Woody and Pinocchio … up close.

Imagine you are here… for the all-new Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade, a yearlong new parade created just for the 15th anniversary of Disneyland® Resort Paris. It’s everything you’ve ever imagined. Find it all … along with surprises beyond your wildest dreams. From April 2007.

– – – – –

Whilst this creative text hints that the parade will run exclusively during the 15th Anniversary Celebration and will only last one year, it is highly likely it will continue to run for many years after. Raptor1982 also shares the news that the EPC (Entertainment, Parades and Characters) department have been looking into utilising trampolines and other acrobatic effects in the parade.

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

Jack Sparrow drops anchor in Adventureland!

The character’s costume appears to be an impressively accurate replica of that seen in the films, whilst the actor used for these preview shots at least seems to bear more likeness to Johnny Depp than Walt Disney World’s current attempt.

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