Friday, 13th October 2006

Being Goofy needs to stop somewhere

The video was filmed last Christmas in the backstage area of Hotel New York, as the Cast Members waited to go “on stage” to perform as their respective characters. It was reported by two different daily national newspapers in the UK. First by The Sun, who sexed up the story with well-captured stills and sensationalised descriptive words in bold type. Later, the Daily Mail also caught on to the video, describing it as “smutty” and harking back to Walt Disney’s original vision for his characters, in the good old days.

Introductions to the varying styles of British tabloid journalism aside, even Reuters picked up the story later in the day, adding:

“The behavior shown on the video is unacceptable and inexcusable,” Disney said in a statement.
“The video was taken in the backstage area not accessible to guests. Appropriate action has been taken to deal with the cast members involved.”

As irresponsible as the behaviour was, whilst repesenting such iconic and respected characters, the fact that the event took place behind closed doors perhaps leaves only the cameraman as truly irresponsible. Admittedly, performers “larking around” backstage probably happens every day at Disney parks around the world, yet before now no one has found the need to film it and share it online.
Perhaps a better question here then is why, after already knowing about the video for several days, Disney has yet to use its legal muscle to have it removed. That’s what I call being Goofy.

Monday, 17th July 2006

Always remember this as the day…

The real Parisian Jack Sparrow was unleashed on the park on Friday, and Photos Magiques have a couple of new photos of him right here. Take a look at MiceAge’s composite (scroll down the page) of all the Jack Sparrows in the world, and you’ll see Disneyland Resort Paris should definitely be acclaimed for their casting here.

I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

Jack Sparrow drops anchor in Adventureland!

The character’s costume appears to be an impressively accurate replica of that seen in the films, whilst the actor used for these preview shots at least seems to bear more likeness to Johnny Depp than Walt Disney World’s current attempt.

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