Guided Tours

Take time to discover the fun details and fascinating stories behind the Magic Kingdom.

Some people think Disneyland is just a theme park. Well, they're missing out! It's a rich tapestry of stories, details and histories, created through decades of hard work and discovery, moulded and crafted and "plussed" to become the stunning thematic wonder you see today. Just like an animated film, every prop, every tree and every fictional advertisement is there for a reason.

But there's often more to it than just plain storytelling. Disney's Imagineers, the "engineers of imagination" who design the parks, look to fold in hidden nods and tributes everywhere they can. From the Chicago sewer covers on Main Street to the tombstones of Boot Hill, there's always a story behind the story and these Guided Tours are the best introduction you can get...

Guided 'Discovery' tours

Public tours of the Disney Parks — their secrets, history and hidden details.

Disneyland Park

  • Enjoy a two-hour guided walking tour.
  • Learn about the park and its history from a unique angle.
  • Discover what inspired the architecture of the park's buildings.
  • Extra charge per person applies (free for children)

Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Enjoy a one-and-a-half hour guided walking tour.
  • Unveil the secrets of the fascinating world of Cinema and Animation in a "real" production studio.
  • Hear unusual insider anecdotes from the history of the movies and learn to spot the hidden nods and tributes of the park.
  • Extra charge per person applies (free for children)

If you know the parks, you'll understand that the Disneyland Park tour is naturally more worthwhile, offering a far vaster array of hidden facts and stories thanks to the layer-upon-layer of storytelling the Imagineers built into every inch of the park. But that's not to say the Walt Disney Studios Park tour should be avoided — far from it, the revelation of all its hidden nods to Disney and moviemaking history might just reveal a whole new side to the park.

Both tours come highly recommended, for newcomers and Disney veterans.

Guided 'Privilege' Tours

Your own personal tour guide for a day at both Disney Parks.

  • A highly experienced VIP guide will be assigned specifically to you for your tour of both Disney Parks.
  • Your guide will give you helpful insider tips and background information on attractions and parades, and will allow you access to reserved seats for shows.
  • Your guide will also help you with your restaurant choices and will book your tables for you.
  • Mininum 4 hours with guide and up to 10 people max.

For exact tariffs and conditions, contact City Hall, Studio Services or the Guest Relations hotline — but note, this option is very expensive and indended for true "VIPs" with money to spare. You'll pay upwards of €300!

All tours are subject to very limited availability — book in advance to avoid disappointment! You of course also need a valid park ticket on the day of your tour, to gain entry to the park.

How to book

The easiest way to book is to head straight to City Hall (for Disneyland Park tours) or Studio Services (for Walt Disney Studios Park tours) at the entrance to each park on the day you arrive.

  • There, you can check the language options for the next few days and, if they suit, book your tour there and then.
  • You'll be given all the details of start times. Each tour starts and ends at these same guest services buildings.
  • You can also book in advance by telephoning Guest Relations on +33 1 64 74 21 26.

Tour languages

All tours take place in a number of languages, including French, English and German, usually alternating day-by-day with two tours (in two different languages) each day.

  • There is no strict schedule for the tour languages - check the notice boards at City Hall and Studio Services, where the tour languages for the next few days are normally displayed.
  • You can also check in advance by telephoning Guest Relations on +33 1 64 74 21 26.