Annual Passports

Enjoy all four seasons of Disneyland Paris magic.

Don't you wish you could visit Disneyland Paris more than just once a year? See the parks through Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas — everything — on a single ticket? Well, you can!

Annual passes for Disneyland Paris are easy to buy, offering up to a full 365 days access to both Disney parks each year and some extra-special privileges on top. And the best part? The price. You'll be truly surprised how affordable a whole year of Disney magic can be.

In fact, if you're staying for three days or more, you might find a 'Passeport Annuel' cheaper than a regular entrance ticket — and a massive saving if you plan to return again even just once the same year.

Note: The Annual Passports listed on this page are only available for purchase until 28th March 2017. From 29th March, a new range of four Annual Passes will be introduced — full English guide coming soon.

Passeport Annuel: A Beginner's Guide

  • There are three main types of tickets: ClassicFantasy and Dream. All three are available to all guests, though you might notice they're only marketed in French and are easier to purchase (especially online) if you're a French resident.
  • However, only the Dream passport offers year-round 365-day access. The other two, lower-priced tickets have several 'restriction days' (also known as blockout dates) each year when entry is not granted. Before buying, make sure the available dates match your plans.
  • Prices are the same for both adults and children, with only children under the age of 3 except from any Disneyland Paris ticketing.
  • Discounts: Families buying Fantasy or Dream passports together can get a quite substantial discount, a sponsorship (parrainnage) scheme can offer great discounts to those recommending friends and members of the Shareholders Club also enjoy a 15% saving.
  • If you have buy a 1 Day 1 Park or 1 Day 2 Parks ticket to access the parks, the cost of this ticket in Euros can be deducted from the price of your Annual Passport if you purchase during your visit! Note: This is not possible for tickets of 2 Days or greater or those given through a hotel package (usually indicated with 'Forfait' on the reverse).

Annual Passport Prices & Benefits

Disney Parks access

Check blockout dates here


Discount at all Disney locations


Discount at all Disney locations

Disney Hotels

Discount on bookings

Family discount

For 5 or more purchased at once


At the Disney Parks lot

PhotoPass+ Annual

1 year of PhotoPass memories

1 Day Park Tickets

For your non-AP friends!

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Disney's Halloween Party

Tickets for the Halloween soirée

Extra Magic Hours

Check details here

280 days / year
Add it for €30
Add it for €53.99
320 days / year
Add it for €53.99
365 days / year
Add it for €47.99

Passeport Annuel Classic was previously known as Francilien.

Terms, Conditions & Notes —Prices and information correct at time of writing. Always check current terms before purchase.

After-Hours Parties

  • Valid for Disney's Halloween Party Night.
  • One ticket per event per Annual Passholder.


  • On drinks and meals only.
  • Discount at all park and hotel restaurants and bars, and at the following Disney Village locations: Annette's Diner, Café Mickey, La Grange, New York Style Sandwiches, The Steakhouse.


  • Discount in all park and hotel boutiques, and Disney-owned stores in Disney Village.
  • Not applicable to certain items, such as limited editions.

Disney Hotel Bookings

  • Offer available for single nights at one hotel per arrival date.
  • New reservations only; not available for Castle Club, Empire State Club, or Santa Fe Family rooms.
  • Limited to 2 rooms per reservation.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

Family Discount

  • For the purchase of 5 Annual Passports or more by the same family (same surname) at the same time.


  • Free parking at the Disney Parks parking lot.
  • Parking at Disney Hotels (even if you aren't staying there) is no longer included.

1 Day Park Tickets

  • For your friends without an Annual Pass to visit the parks with you on the same day for less than the standard admission charge.
  • Maximum 5 tickets per day per Annual Passholder.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

  • Maximum 5 tickets per show per Annual Passholder.

Extra Magic Hours

  • Available with Passeport Annuel Dream and Passeport Annuel Fantasy only.

Extra Privileges

  • Golf Disneyland boutique discount only on Golf Disneyland-branded products.
  • Maximum 3 bags per Annual Passport to be held free at Guest Storage.

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are the same for both adults and children over 3 years old.
  • Classic passports cannot be used on the two days following purchase.
  • Those aged under 18 wishing to purchase an Annual Passport must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or tutor, or have written parental permission.
  • For the extensive legal terms and conditions, check the official website or download the official Passeport Annuel Brochure.

And even more...!

  • Invitation to special events
  • Free non-alcoholic apéritif at Table Service restaurants
  • Free use once each day of Stroller & Wheelchair Rental, Pet Care Kennels and park Luggage Storage
  • -10% at Golf Disneyland Paris on green fees, restaurant and boutique
  • -10% at all Disney Stores in France
  • -10% also at LEGO Store, Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig's Castle, Starbucks Coffee, Earl of Sandwich and McDonald's in Disney Village (exceptions may apply)

Should I buy an Annual Pass?

Are you ready to invest in a whole lot more magic? Here we'll take you through the benefits of the Annual Passports and, if you decide to take the plunge, find the one that's perfect for you. If you don't save money through extra visits, you might just do it with the restaurant and boutique discounts alone!

I only plan to visit once this year

  • Are you visiting for 3 days or more, and don't plan to stay in a Disney Hotel? If so, it may well be worth the time becoming an Annual Passholder, benefitting both from a cheaper entry price and possible restaurant and shopping discounts.
  • Look at the regular Park Tickets again, and then compare the prices of those against the price of the Annual Passports — being sure to check that any restriction dates don't block out the dates you plan to visit.
  • IMPORTANT: Passeport Annuel Classic, the lowest-priced pass, cannot be used on the two days following its purchase, meaning it cannot always be used instead of a regular 3 Day Ticket. For example, if you bought this pass on a Monday, you would not be able to use it on the Tuesday and Wednesday immediately following that specific Monday.

I plan to visit twice or more this year

  • If you're staying a couple of days or more each visit, an Annual Passport will almost certainly be a worthwhile investment of your time and money, not least because you'll benefit from great discounts on dining and shopping and, from your second trip onwards, Disney Hotel booking discounts. You might even gain back the price of the pass through these alone!

Buying an Annual Pass

Though Disneyland Paris has begun experimenting with offers such as online subscription for French residents and still allows annual passports to be bought over the phone (+33 825 825 100), for most of us the easiest way of becoming an Annual Passholder is to buy the pass directly at the park.

Each ticket needs a photo of its holder and several personal details, so only one dedicated location at the resort generally hands over finalised annual passports — the Bureau Passeport Annuel near the Discoveryland entrance at Disneyland Park.

The process may seem intimidating, especially being so solely geared towards a French-speaking audience, but it takes just a few steps to get your very own, authentic Disneyland Paris annual passport.

Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for the full process, from paying at the park gates to holding the pass in your hands, including the time to walk from Main Street to the Bureau Passeport Annuel. On exceptionally busy days at Bureau Passeport Annuel, this could take even longer.

Step 1: Pay for your Passeport Annuel and enter the park

  • You can pay for an annual passport from any of the normal ticket windows at the entrance to either Disney Park, they're listed up alongside the regular tickets. Do this and you'll get a Temporary Pass which allows access into Disneyland Park for that day only and can be converted to your full pass at the Bureau Passeport Annuel.
  • Worth noting: On some weekends and bank holidays it is also possible to pay for and complete your annual passport subscription at the entrance to Disneyland Park, using the Donald's Desk location to the right of the main entrance (near the Guest Relations window). The desk here has cameras and computers set up to accept annual pass processing, so you can collect your ticket easily without having to go through the hassle of any "Temporary Pass". This is the only place you can buy an Annual Passport outside the gates.
  • Remember to present any Sponsorship forms or Shareholders Club cards when you pay.

Step 2: Go to the Bureau Passeport Annuel

  • Now you've got a Temporary Pass, head to this clearly signposted location just to the left of the Discoveryland entrance, behind the outdoor Royal Castle Stage (it's also marked on the park maps).
  • Hand your temporary pass to the Cast Member waiting at the reception desk and confirm which annual pass you're signing up for. On busier days, you'll be given a waiting number and be free to relax on the comfy chairs until it's called out — this is usually done in French first, but if you've absolutely no knowledge of French numbers, just ask for help or wait until the Cast Member tries calling in English.

Step 3: Confirm your personal details and collect your pass

  • Once called, you step up to the long row of desks beneath the beautiful Discoveryland visionnaires mural to be welcomed by your own assistant who'll take you through the rest of the process to purchase your pass.
  • You'll need to provide some form of ID, likely your passport, so have it ready. The Cast Member will ask for your full name, address, email and telephone number. There can occasionally be some confusion with the many different international address styles here, so you could suggest quickly writing it down for them.
  • If you've not yet paid, you'll need to do that now. Remember to present any 1 Day Park Tickets, Sponsorship forms or Shareholders Club cards.
  • Finally, sign on the dotted line and smile for the webcam! Your pass will be printed and in your hands just a few seconds later.

Step 4: Let your year of magic fly by!

  • That's it, have a magical year at Disneyland Paris! Your plastic Passeport Annuel card now serves as your entry ticket for both parks and can be used for collecting Fastpass tickets. Keep it safe!

If you already have park tickets

Maybe you've already bought 1 Day 1 Park or 1 Day 2 Parks tickets before reading about these great annual passport offers? Well, don't worry — you can enter Disneyland Park using those tickets and then trade them in against the value of your chosen Passeport Annuel ticket, meaning you won't lose any money.

  • Enter the park using your tickets and follow the steps above from Step 2, upgrading your 1 Day Tickets for annual passes at the Bureau Passeport Annuel near Discoveryland.

This option is not available for tickets of 2 Days or more or for any tickets received as part of a hotel package (usually indicated by 'Forfait' and a zero Euro value on the reverse).

Renewing your Annual Pass

  • When your year nears its end, you may or may not receive a notification from the resort. Disneyland Paris won't bind you into any automatic annual contract, so it's up to you to telephone or visit the Bureau Passeport Annuel to renew.
  • Be sure to show your original pass or quote your membership number, however, as the resort occasionally offers special discounts or extra months free on new Annual Passports if you renew in advance. Even if you haven't received an offer, it's always worth asking when you come to renew, before your expiry date, if there are any available.

Sponsorship offer (Offre Parrainage)

Refer three friends to the Disneyland Paris Passeport Annuel and get a whole year extra on your ticket for free! The three friends buying their first annual passport even get a generous 10% discount from your sponsorship.

The new members being introduced... (parrain)

Get 10% Off the price of their Annual Passport

  • Must not have held an Annual Passport for at least two years prior.
  • Must fill out their coupon with the sponsor's (your) name and Annual Passport number, and take it with them when you both visit together to buy their pass at the park gates.
  • Must buy their new passport with you, the sponsor, in attendance, with your own Passeport Annuel to hand. In addition, all three must buy their Annual Passport within the same ticketing season — these run from April to November, and November to April (see the latest sponsorship form for exact dates).
  • The 10% discount cannot be combined with any other offers.

And you, the sponsor... (filleul)

Receive an additional 12 months on the end of your current Annual Passport's validity, for free

  • Must have already owned your Annual Passport for more than one month.
  • Fill out the larger form with your details and, with each of the three new members introduced, fill out their name, pass number, pass type and pass expiration date.
  • Then, either visit the Bureau Passeport Annuel in the final month of your Annual Passport's validity with the completed form and your existing pass to have it extended, or, if you can't get to the park, mail both your form and pass (recorded delivery is advisory) to: Disneyland Paris, Bureau Passeport Annuel, 77 777, Marne-la-Vallée, Cedex 4, France. The postal option can be completed any time within your pass' original validity.

Download the PDF form from the official French Disneyland Paris website here. Each new AP holder tears off a 10% discount coupon and you save the main form for yourself, to claim the free year once you've collected three new passholders who've completed their purchase.

Remember: You MUST accompany the three new members when they buy their pass, but they do not need to accompany you when you then claim your free 12 months.

Choosing the right Annual Pass for you

Which one ticks the most boxes?

We recommend Classic if you...

  • Want the cheapest price.
  • Can be very flexible with the dates you can visit, or already know exactly when you're going.
  • Don't plan to visit on the two days following buying the pass.
  • Are not too bothered about a lot of discounts.

We recommend Fantasy if you...

  • Want a reasonable price.
  • Can be quite flexible with the dates you can visit, or have a rough idea when you're going.
  • Would like a few extra discounts on shopping and hotels.
  • Plan to visit on the days directly after buying the pass.
  • Intend to buy tickets for five or more family members.

We recommend Dream if you...

  • Don't mind paying a little extra.
  • Want access 365-days a year, even on the busiest holidays, with no need to check for or work around restriction blockout dates.
  • Would like as many discounts as possible.
  • Plan to visit on the days directly after buying the pass.
  • Intend to buy tickets for five or more family members.
  • Want to enjoy exclusive park access with Extra Magic Hours, whether you stay in a Disney Hotel or not.
  • Want to feel like a real fan, be invited to special events and get special treatment at the resort, such as free apéritifs in restaurants and free luggage storage.

With fantastic discounts and guaranteed access every day of the year, Passeport Annuel Dream comes highly recommended — a real bargain at its current price if you're a frequent visitor.

Seulement pour les Français?

  • Unfortunately, almost all official Passeport Annuel publications and documentation are only printed in French, but don't worry — everyone is welcome to join, and Cast Members within the service will always offer help in English where possible. Don't be put off, just refer back to here for our translated guide!

Things to keep in mind

  • If you're staying at or plan to stay at a Disney Hotel, you'll almost certainly get park tickets included as part of the hotel package anyway, so if you don't plan to return this year there's no need to investigate buying separate Annual Passports this time.
  • The first time you buy an Annual Passport, you will lose some time in the parks by having to complete the paperwork and have your photo taken for the pass. Especially if you have to queue at the Bureau Passeport Annuel. It's usually worth it, but this is something to bear in mind.