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River Rogue Keelboats

  • DURATION 9 min 01 sec
  • FILMED 30th August 2009

Sit right up-front on the top deck of one of only TWO classic Disneyland keelboats still in operation in the world! Disneyland Park in Paris is now the only magic kingdom-style park with these unique vessels still plying the waters of Frontierland, after they were finally re-opened for guests in 2007.

Based on the boats seen in Walt Disney’s film Davy Crockett and the River Pirates, the Coyote and Raccoon give guided tours of the Rivers of the Far West at a speedy pace. They might have been overtaken in style and comfort by the mighty stern-wheel riverboats, but these keelboats can take you right up close to the fascinating landscape and roaming wildlife of the islands.

They’ve become the transport of choice for the roguish river pirates, who hide their hauls in Smugglers’ Cove, just next to the keelboats’ landing stage!

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