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Goofy’s Summer Camp

  • DURATION 34 min 28 sec
  • FILMED 30th August 2009

Special Final Performance

Looking for fun, games and catchy songs? Head to Goofy’s Summer Camp!

Ready and seated, with the live Barbeque Band at their country instruments, your hostess (miss Summer Camp 200–err–1985) suddenly informs you there’s a special guest on the way — the director of the camp himself, Goofy!

Everyone look lively, follow the actions and keep that smile, this summer extravaganza needs to go off without a hitch! Unfortunately, a gaggle of Goofy’s closest friends aren’t so keen to follow the rules…

This was the Final Performance of Summer 2009, with plenty of extra jokes going on in the background to look out for and a special curtain call finale for all the characters. Notice also that, during the dance moves game, the adults pulled from the audience are not regular guests, but… the entire production crew of the show itself!

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