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12th April 2012: Global Disney Ambassadors Pre-Parade

  • DURATION 2 min 52 sec
  • FILMED 12th April 2012

The entire global Disney Parks Ambassadors team come together to ride in the classic Fire Truck ahead of the 12th April 2012 performance of Disney Magic on Parade!.

From Disneyland Resort: Jolie Hales and Rene Torrico; from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida: Norman Vossschulte and Jennifer Mason; from Tokyo Disney Resort: Eriko Yokota; from Disneyland Paris: Régis Alart and Osvaldo del Mistero; from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: Fion Lai.

Two complete videos of Disney Magic on Parade! are already available: the 31st March Premiere and the 1st April Opening Day performance.

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