Character Dining

Dine with the Disney stars at a must-do character meal!

A uniquely Disney idea, Character Dining is the ultimate way to meet and interact with your favourite stars of Disney's animated films. No, the characters don't sit down and eat alongside you, but instead roam the room as you enjoy your meal, stopping off at each table for a hand-shake, a wave hello — maybe some cheeky fun and games — and always a memorable photo.

Character meals usually come with quite a premium for the added experience, but many parents and character fans will tell you they're worth every cent. Make sure you check out all the options available to find the experience that's right for what you want and what you can afford — from a lavish Princess dinner to a lively character breakfast...

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Birthday cake

Celebrate your birthday at the majority of Table Service and Buffet Service restaurants by ordering a delicious Disneyland Paris birthday cake to share between 6-8 people.

  • Per cake... £22 / €27

Prices apply when booking in advance with your Disney hotel package. Confirm the date and location you'd like to enjoy the cake upon arrival at your hotel. Cakes can also usually be booked at the start of your meal for the price shown in Euros.