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Dancin' a Grand Farewell

More than 60 Years of animated classics come to life before your eyes in a magnificent timeline of Disney heroes and heroines!  On 30th March 1998, a Disney legend was born - The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade.  Featuring a mix of classic and brand new floats and introducing the song "Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm)" to the world, the parade became a Disney phenomenon - the real archetype of an all-round classic, quintessential, Disneyland parade.

These pages are dedicated to all those talented and energetic Cast Members who were a part of the parade and who made the magic possible, day after day.  To you, we say thank you - for designing, creating, managing and dancin' a catchy rhythm that will never be forgotten.

Parade & Floats

Seventeen floats, two different names and more than eight line-ups - discover the many faces of the Wonderful World...

A Catchy Rhythm

Singin' a happy song: The music of a thousand memories, from the unforgettable Dancin' to the long-lost Instrumental stops...

Concepts & Creation

To make a little Disney magic's really easy - one, two, three! See the magic behind the magic, through concept art and maquettes.

Press Archives

Mickey and his friends are calling out your name! Discover rare press releases from the launch and more parade promotion.

History Timeline

The timeline of Disney classics on a timeline of almost ten years of magic - chart the history of the parade year-by-year.

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Parade & Floats

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Concepts & Creation

Press Archives

History Timeline

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En Français: La Parade du Monde Merveilleux Disney


30th March 1998 to Late March 2007


1 performance daily except during Halloween and Christmas seasons

Roughly 2340 performances total


Disneyland Park Parade Route


about 20 minutes


Between 7 and 12 major units

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Questions & Answers

When will the final performance be?

The final performance has yet to be confirmed, though it is widely believed to be around March 22nd-24th, rather than March 30th as announced on official schedules.  Therefore, Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade will have a one-week dress rehearsal period.

Why replace such a great parade?

"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world" Walt said, and it's true - the magic of Disneyland is constantly changing and evolving to give something new, something fresh and something better than ever before.  Since some of the floats of The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade have been in service for fifteen years themselves, the 15th Anniversary is a perfect time to launch a brand new daytime parade.

Will "Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm)" still be used in the park?

There is a possibility that the song could be used for the 15th Anniversary Disney Characters' Express, although so far nothing has been confirmed.

What will happen to the floats now?

It has been confirmed that the Cinderella and Snow White floats will be kept in operational condition for use in other events, though the future of the other floats has yet to be decided.  They could be kept on for future events, stored outside in the backstage area or taken to the scrap heap... so now is the perfect time to celebrate their magic!


Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

The successor to The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade - see storybook dreams come to life before your eyes!

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