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Delve into the Press Archives of Disneyland Resort Paris, to discover logos, press releases and more, from almost 10 years of promotion for The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade...


The original logo for The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade was created in 1998 at the launch of the parade, and bears some of the trademark's of the resort's graphic design at this point in its life.  The circles were a particularly well-used design feature, whilst the font for "Disney Parade" was used for many years during the late 1990s and early 2000s, most notably on CD covers, souvenir books and even for the next new parade, Disney's ImagiNations Parade, in 2000.

The logo featres the silhouettes of a boy and girl dancing with Baloo, Hercules, Genie, Snow White, Dopey and Sorcerer Mickey, highlighting the "guest interactivity" that was so heavily pushed during the parade's initial run.

For the French logo, the alternate (but less frequently used) parade name was used: La Parade du Monde Merveilleux Disney.

Official logos were never created for Disney Princess Parade, Disney Villain Parade or The Christmas Parade.


Press Releases

Press releases are used by Disneyland Resort Paris to announce news and events to the press, often providing full, in-depth guides to the new attraction or event to ensure the press associates have any information they may need at their disposal.  These press releases from the archives give a unique insight into the launch of The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade and beyond...

The New Wonderful World Of Disney Parade

The Disney Classics which inspired The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade

The 10th Anniversary of Disneyland Park

The New Wonderful of Disney Parade
From the 30th March 1998
Children can participate in the Wonderful World of Disney Parade

In 1998, Disneyland Paris celebrates the Year of Disney Classics. The most beautiful of the animated films will come alive this year in the Park, thanks to a new show : The Wonderful World of Disney Parade. Twelve new floats and more than 140 dancers will recreate the magic of these full-length animated feature films, from the 30th March 1998.
Around 500 children will be invited to participate in the magnificent parade. Disneyland Paris will transport them into the heart of the action, whose backdrops will be reconstituted in three dimensions thanks to the floats, the Disney Characters and dancers.

As the parade passes through the Park, it will make four or five stops and at each one, children will make up part of a specific scene, and thus, live out the highlights of the film. The dancers and characters from each float will seek out children for each scene and dress them in the relevant costumes. The children can thus play and dance with their favourite Disney characters. This lets them dance with Cinderella, fight alongside Peter Pan against Captain Hook, sweep London chimneys with Mary Poppins, play the tam-tams around the Lion King, become a clown with Dumbo, to prepare a cake for Belle, or to lift up Hercules’ dumbbells.

The Wonderful World of Disney Parade tells the story of the best of Disney’s animated feature films, from Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon in 1928, up to the most recent arrival : Hercules (1997)

Twelve magnificent floats each tell their own story with a mini-scenario, and recreate the atmosphere of films such as Pinocchio, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Beauty and The Beast, Dumbo and Mary Poppins... Mickey will be, of course, at the head of the Parade. The first float, Steamboat Willie, in black and white, pays him tribute. A new background music will accompany the whole parade. On top of that all the floats have their own music, made up from the melodies of each story.

The Wonderful World of Disney Parade will happen every day from the 30th of March until the 6th of November 1998.

Twelve fantastic scenes from cartoons

As a prelude to the parade, a colourful lorry will circulate in the Park. It will carry Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Chip and Dale who will announce in an energetic fashion that the Parade is about to arrive.

Steamboat Willie

Mickey will be the captain of the boat, as he was in the first cartoon. When the parade is not moving, the dancers will seek out children to participate in the mock-filming of a black and white scene with Mickey, Minnie, and the terrible Peg Leg Pete. The children will be dressed in a period shirt from the 20s, a false nose and a big moustache. They will help Mickey to put Pegleg Pete out of action, and to save Minnie from him.

The princesses’ float

This twenty metre long float, the biggest ever made at Disneyland Paris, unites Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on a giant dancefloor. When the float stops, the court dancers invite the children to join them and dance a waltz with the princesses. As if by magic, the boys will be given a nobleman’s cape by the dancers, and the girls will be given little dresses in crinoline. Who hasn’t dreamed, whilst a child, of dancing with Cinderella ? The dream has become reality !


In Geppetto’s workshop, from high up on his workbench, Pinocchio watches over the troop of puppets. All of the children who have been good will be invited to change into puppets.

Dressed up in an apron or a waistcoat, they will become small puppets, worked via wires held by characters on stilts. Surrounded by dancing dolls, they will have become puppets with moveable joint and will join Pinocchio in his magical universe.

Dumbo’s train

Dumbo’s circus arrives in town, with Casey Junior’s train and its gleaming wagon, driven by the Ringmaster, Dumbo and his clowns. The clowns let the children become clowns like them. Within seconds, they are disguised and made up to have the obligatory red nose. The fire scene begins. The water pump needs to be used quickly, and at the same time other children are trying to put out the fire with buckets of confetti. Meanwhile, there is a commotion in the big cat’s cage : an intrepid child is about to put his head into the mouth of a lion. Guaranteed excitement !

Peter Pan

Captain Hook, Mr Smee, and the nasty pirates want to grab Peter Pan. Peter calls all the little boys that are present to the rescue - for a battle against the pirates. These boys become, for a short time, the "lost boys" of the story. Peter gives each of the boys a sword and the battle begins ! The boys win, and Peter Pan can start on his way again.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins arrives on her float that represents the roofs of London. The chimney sweep dancers are gathered around the float. They invite the children to get onto the roofs of London with them. They are dressed up in a black scarf, with soot on their faces, and they are given a brush. The children dance with Mary Poppins on the roofs of London, before she heads off to meet a group of other children.

The Jungle Book

Mowgli, with his friend Baloo, joins in the crazy dance of the monkeys. Mowgli teaches the dance to the children, and invites them to come into the jungle with him. To get every one into the swing of things, the monkeys dress the children in banana loincloths. The children are now ready to pull faces and clown around with the monkeys, to the merry melodies of The Jungle Book.

The Little Mermaid

From the South seas, the Little Mermaid and her coral world brings a gentle maritime atmosphere to spectators. Covered in sea shells, Ariel’s friends dance around large decorated conches, which look like jewel cases. The little girls get into the conches, and they in turn, become little mermaids, from the depths of the oceans. Other children will have crab claws and will dance a conga to a tropical rhythm, around the little mermaids.

Beauty and the Beast

Pipes and pastry chefs will prepare dinner for Belle. The chefs, pushing gleaming stoves, will invite children to make enormous cakes. They are dressed up in big aprons. With music and choreography, the children prepare the pastry, put the moulds in the stove, and watch over the cooking... Through pure magic, the cakes are superb and Belle, delighted, thanks all the little cooks.


Aladdin and Jasmine, from high in the air on their magic carpet, fly over a travelling Arabian market. As soon as the float stops, the merchants lay out their wares and invite the children to share their strange world. Dressed in a fakir’s bolero, they will perform magic tricks : sword swallowing, lying on a bed of nails, snake charming with flutes ... Oriental magic becomes a part of reality.

The Lion King

The Lion King arrives, carried along by African rhythms. A witch doctor invites the children in a tribal dance, with the different dancers - zebra, giraffes and gazelles, around different percussion instruments. Over the melodies of "Hakuna Matata" and "I just can’t wait to be king", the children create their own music, on the percussion instruments, and the dancers accompany them in the adventure of the circle of life.


Phil, Hercules’ s trainer, is preparing to transform the children into heroes, thanks to an out-of-the ordinary gymnastics session. A group of athletic dancers picks the "apprentice heroes". In rhythm, the children lift the dumbbells, do skipping exercises, and build up their biceps, just like in the film.

The Disney Classics that have inspired
The Wonderful World of Disney Parade

In 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs arrives in the cinemas. A new breed of film is born - the full length animation. From there onwards, 35 works from the Disney imagination will succeed each other and enchant generations of spectators.

In 1998, Disneyland Paris pays tribute to a number of Disney Classics via The Wonderful World of Disney Parade (from the 30th March) that recreates the Magic of the most beautiful cartoons, thanks to twelve new floats and over 140 dancers.

Representation of the Disney Classics in the Parade

Steamboat Willie (1928) marks the birth of Mickey on the screen, the 18th November 1928. With this, Walt Disney creates his first cartoon with sound. Lasting 7 minutes, it is inspired by the world of black and white comedies. It is this release that brings Walt Disney to fame.
Key characters : Mickey, Minnie and Peg Leg Pete.

Three full length films known throughout the world have inspired the princesses’ float :

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), first full length cartoon by Walt Disney. Inspired by a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, the story of this young princes who is taken in by seven dwarfs has, over a sixty year period, become known all over the world.
Key characters : Snow White, the wicked stepmother, the seven dwarfs Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy and Bashful.

Cinderella (1950), inspired by a tale by Charles Perrault. The story of a young girl of humble origin who dreams of a glorious destiny. Thanks to her, Walt Disney renews his success.
Key characters : Cinderella, Jaq and Gus, his mice friends, the good fairy, her wicked stepmother and her two half sisters.

Sleeping Beauty (1959), inspired by a tale by Charles Perrault of a young princess sent to sleep by an evil spell. The film design is inspired by the tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn, and the songs are inspired by Tchaikovski.
Key characters : Princess Aurore, her godmothers, the three fairies, the witch malificent, the Prince Philippe.

Pinocchio (1940), inspired by the tales of Collodi. The story of a puppet whose nose gets longer everytime he tells a lie is greeted with success and two Oscars.
Key characters : Pinocchio, Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket, who is in charge of looking after Pinocchio, and the Blue Fairy.

Dumbo (1941), the moving story of a baby elephant, born in a travelling circus pulled by the train Casey Jr. His big ears lead to him being regularly teased.
Key characters : Dumbo, his mother, and Timothy the Mischievous Mouse.

Peter Pan (1953), after a novel by James M. Barrie, about a boy didn’t want to grow up. Thanks to a multiplane camera, an innovation for the Disney Studios, one can see Peter Pan flying over London.
Key characters : Peter Pan, the Darling children Wendy, Jean and Michael, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and Mr Smee.

Mary Poppins (1964). This film is not exactly a cartoon, as it mixes real film with cartoon images. It will however become a cult film, with Julie Andrews as a heavenly governess, and it is to win five Oscars.
Key characters : Mary Poppins, and the respectable Banks family of London.

The Jungle Book (1967), charting the return of the wolf-child towards civilisation, and inspired by a novel by Rudyard Kipling. The musical score is jazz based and known throughout the world.
Key characters : Mowgli, the little man brought up by wolves, the panther Bagheera, the bear Baloo, the orang-utan King Louie, the tiger Shere Khan and the snake Kaa.

The Little Mermaid (1989), inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of a mermaid who dreams of the world of humans and who joins it via the love of a prince. The soundtrack was rewarded by two Oscars.
Key characters : Ariel the Mermaid, Prince Eric, Sebastian the music loving lobster, Flounder, the roguish rainbow coloured fish.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) : A romance between two very different beings, that puts the emphasis on real beauty, the beauty of the heart. Nominated for the Oscar of best film, a first in the history of cinema, it received two awards : the Oscar for the best song and for the best music.
Key characters : Beauty the prisoner in the Castle, the Beast, Lumière, one of the object characters in the film whose looks and voice remind us of Maurice Chevalier.

Aladdin (1992). Inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, this cartoon owes a lot to the exuberance of the Genie. It was Robin Williams who suggested the mimicry and the character transformations. this film has been rewarded with two Oscars : best music and best songs.
Key characters : Aladdin, Princess Jasmin, the Genie and the nasty Jafar.

The Lion King (1994) : A majestic innovation, the story of a destiny and a life. The songs are the work of Elton John and Tim Rice. This majestic work won two Oscars.
Key characters : Simba, the young Lion King, Mufasa, his widely respected father, Scar his vile and treacherous uncle, his friends Timon and Pumba the warthog, and the three laughing machiavellian hyenas.

Hercules (1997) : The latest of the Disney full length films. The hero of Greek Mythology lives an energetic adventure amongst humans, set against a background of gospel music.
Key characters : Hercules, his mentor Phil, his girlfriend Meg, Hades the God of Hell and his creatures, Pain and Panic.


DISNEYLAND PARK (March 15, 2002) - The Disneyland Park 10th birthday celebration got under way today with a party that will last until January 5, 2003. With a giant birthday cake stage at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the evening celebration saw a host of celebrities join in the festivities, as well as discover the all new Disneyland Park show, Minnie's Birthday Surprise.

A Giant Birthday Cake in the Parade

The Wonderful World of Disney Parade is staged everyday at 3 pm in the Disneyland Park. The parade pays tribute to many of Disney's classic animated pictures including Steamboat Willie, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid.

From March 14 to September 29, 2002, a new "giant birthday cake" float will lead the parade. Every day, a child will be chosen by the "head baker" at the start of the parade to join him on the cake as his "special helper". As it makes its way down Main Street, U.S.A., the parade will stop several times, with guests invited to join in the party and sing, dance and try to blow out the candles on the cake.



Creative Text

Different to official press releases, Creative Text is written by Disneyland Resort Paris to describe and create enthusiasm for projects, released to trade partners, travel companies and others for use in their own material advertising the resort and its attractions.  By providing this text, Disney can ensure these outside partners say exactly the right thing about their important products...

The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade, 2001/02 Version

Once upon a time is now!

The most memorable Disney movies come to life in the Wonderful World of Disney Parade. Go back to where the magic began. Suddenly everything is black and white. It’s Steamboat Willy, the first ever movie to start Mickey Mouse and you are there! Then make the magnificent transition to Disney colour with your favourite Disney princesses.

You can make the wish come true and relive the magic of these and many other classics in the Wonderful World of Disney Parade, live and only at Disneyland® Resort Paris.

Disneyland Park's 10th Birthday Celebration, March 2002

Official Text – Disneyland® Park’s 10th Birthday Celebration

We’re throwing a Birthday Party for Disneyland® Park. And you’re invited to be our guest.

For 10 years we’ve whistled while we worked. Made the dream come true. Even had a laugh or two. Now it’s time for big “thank you.”

We’ve got 10 years of smiles to remember, so let’s relive the magic of The Wonderful World of Disney Parade, a celebration of your favourite Disney Classic fairytales. Watch as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Dumbo come to life. You’ll see Mickey as Steamboat Willie in glorious black & white. And because a birthday like this is 10 years in the making, we’ve made the parade extra special. What’s the icing on the cake? “Hey Presto!” A giant birthday cake fit for a magical kingdom. Sing, dance & help blow out the candles - don’t forget to make a Birthday wish.

“Psst” There's a celebration going on at Videopolis. It’s Minnie’s Birthday Surprise ! An all-new show where you help set the scene with Goofy, Pluto & Chip ‘n Dale for a surprise party for Mickey! Start rehearsing now. And remember, it’s a secret, so “shhhh.”

Ten years of wishes come true and we owe it all to you. It’s our Birthday, but it is your party.

Disneyland® Park’s 10th Birthday Celebration! Everyday. From March 14, 2002 to January 5, 2003.



Official press images from throughout the life of the parade can be found on our Parade & Floats guide.




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