Getting To The Magic: RER from Paris

From the Eiffel Tower to the Earffel Tower!

RER stands for Réseau Express Régional and is Paris' successful rapid suburban transit system, serving a huge area of the city's suburbs, and - most importantly - Disneyland Resort Paris!

The journey from central Paris only takes around 35 minutes and the trains are long, clean and sometimes with two floors. There are departures in both directions every 5 to 10 minutes and tickets or passes are affordable.

If you're staying nearby the resort, at Bussy-saint-Georges or Torcy for example, the RER is also an excellent option, with cheap tickets and fast journey times of only 10 to 15 minutes. And, when you arrive, you're just a hop, skip or a jump away from the two Disney Parks!

RER Line A4

RER Line A is always marked with a thick red line in route maps, with the letter 'A' in a circle depicting the route. The line splits in two at either end outside Paris, with the split on the Eastern side taking place after Vincennes.

  • When you board an RER Line A train in Paris, check the platform display systems for the train's route - Route A4: Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy (and Bussy, Val d'Europe, etc.) should be illuminated. On the return journey to Paris, you can board any train if you're staying in the city centre, the line only breaks in two again after La Défense and Nanterre Préfecture.
  • In addition to the connections to other RER lines shown above, Line A also connects with numerous Métro services. You can see a full map of these below.
  • Remember - Paris is a large and incredibly busy city. Keep your personal belongings with you at all times and keep any items of value well-hidden. Moreso than London, for example, you may encounter people attempting to sell items or hustle some money - usually they won't approach you, but if they do a simple "non, merci" should be enough for them to move on. However, the transport system as a whole, and particularly these lines, remain very safe for passengers throughout the day.

Tickets & Passes

Central Paris to Disneyland

Prices may vary depending on where you board. Return tickets are not available, but a second single ticket should allow return travel from Disneyland, so purchasing double at once can be a good idea.

  • 1 Single (Aller Simple) - around 6,50 €


Single Zone Tickets - ticket "t"

These tickets allow 1 single journey via the Métro network, RER within Zone 1, RATP Buses and Optile suburb buses. If you're travelling from between Noisiel and Val d'Europe to Disneyland, similar tickets are available from these stations for a comparable price along with books (carnets) of 10.

  • 1 Single Journey - 1,40 €
  • Carnet 10 Tickets - 10,90 €
  • Carnet 10 Tickets Half-Fare - 5,45 € (Children 4-10)


Travelcards & Passes

Several discounted travel cards for unlimited travel over one or more days are also available:

  • Mobilis - 12,30 €
    One day unlimited travel in zones 1 (Central Paris) to 5 (Marne-la-Vallée).
  • Paris Visite - 1 Day: 17,05 € - 2 Days: 27,15 € - 3 Days: 38,10 € - 5 Days: 46,60 €
    Unlimited travel in zones 1 to 5 for one or more days, with discounts at select Paris attractions.
  • Paris Visite Child - 1 Day: 8,50 € - 2 Days: 13,55 € - 3 Days: 19,05 € - 5 Days: 23,30 €
    4-11yrs. Unlimited travel in zones 1 to 5 for one or more days, with discounts at select Paris attractions


Arriving in The Magic

Gare Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy TGV is the official name for the transport hub of Disneyland Resort Paris, providing TGV trains, Eurostar, RER trains, buses and car parking right next to the gates of the two Disney Parks.

  • RER services arrive and depart from an annex of the main TGV station, with an iconic, square, glass construction housing the escalators to the platform below. Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy is right at the end of RER Line A4, so trains travel in one direction only. Almost all signage is in both French and English.
  • For more information about Getting Around The Magic, click here.


The Station
  • 30 seconds walk to Disney Village, 1-2 minutes to Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park.
  • A ticket desk is located on the main concourse, along with machines (for Carte Orange holders).
  • The TGV station has a good range of shops and services on offer, such as post office, newsagents, mini supermarket, coffee shop, bar and deli. Luggage storage (paying) can be found on the upper floor.

Full Métro/RER Plans

You can download the full route plans for RATP's Métro and RER lines here, allowing you to plan your journey in advance or print the plans full-size for reference when you arrive.

These zoomable PDF route plans require Adobe Reader to view.

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Route maps are not to scale.
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