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Disabilities at Disney

Disney memories available for all

The magic of Disney should be available everyone - whatever nationality, old or young, big or small - it's all about having a good time together, with no-one being left out.  With this in mind, it's no surprise that the resort, arguably Disney's most modern, is by far one of the friendliest and most welcoming places to visit for guests with disabilities.

The whole of Disneyland Resort Paris has been created and developed with the aim of being accessible to the entire disabled community and to promote full integration to the general public.

In almost all cases, attractions, restaurants and boutiques are accessible to all, and there are some handy services available to make your stay as easy as possible...

The Official Guide for Guests with Disabilities

This excellent guide to the whole resort features everything you need to know about visiting with a disability, from general park information to which attractions are particularly suitable for guests with certain disabilities.

Guides to both parks are included, with full listings of restrictions and recommendations. The guide is highly recommended and is available from City Hall in Disneyland Park, Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios and from the reception of all Disney Hotels.  It may also be available to order through your local Disneyland Resort Paris booking hotline.


All the car parks of Disneyland Resort Paris have places reserved for guests with reduced mobility. When you arrive at the Disney Parks guest car park, ask for the special reserved area, close to the Disney Park entrances.

In the Parks

All Guests with Disabilities
  • To purchase Park Passports (entrance tickets), go directly to the main Guest Relations window, to the right of the Disneyland Park entrance.
  • All the shops and restaurants of Disneyland Resort Paris are wheelchair accessible. At Counter Service restaurants, don't hesitate to ask the Cast Members for assistance. It is recommended that guests on a salt-free diet eat at the Table Service restaurants.
  • All toilets have facilities adapted to the needs of guests with reduced mobility. Some cubicles allow access to a person accompanying you (marked with a disabled symbol on park maps).
Guests Requiring Wheelchairs
  • Access to some rides requires a transfer. You must be accompanied by someone who is physically able to assist you when transferring - Cast Members are not permitted to assist with this.
  • Wheelchair rental is available from Stroller and Wheelchair Rental on Main Street USA (on your right as you pass under Main Street Station), or from Studio Services in Front Lot. The cost is 6.50 € per day, with a 150 € deposit required if you wish to take the wheelchair outside of the park. Cast Members are not permitted to accompany guests in wheelchairs. Rental reservations cannot be made.
  • There are special areas along the parade routes in the both parks which are reserved for guests in wheelchairs. These areas are shown in The Official Guide for Guests with Disabilities, and are usually located at "it's a small world", Central Plaza and Town Square for Disneyland Park and Disney Bros. Plaza and Backlot for Walt Disney Studios Park. As the number of places is limited, you are advised to come early. The Assisted Access Card (see "Access to Attractions" below) authorises use of these places but does not give priority access.
  • Specially adapted minibuses are available to transport you between the Disney Parks and Disney Hotels. Request this service at the reception desk of your Disney Hotel, City Hall or Studio Services.
Guests with Hearing Impairments
  • The entrances to certain attractions have very dimly lit areas which you may find unsettling, so you might wish to have someone with you.
  • Animagique and CinéMagique in Walt Disney Studios Park are equipped with audio induction loops.
  • For your own safety, if you are staying at Disney Hotel, we recommend letting the reception staff know about your hearing impairment.
  • For groups of Guests with hearing impairments, guided tours in sign language can be arranged on request one month in advance by calling + 33 (0) 1 60 30 10 20.
Guests with Visual Impairments
  • Guide dogs are the only animals allowed into Disney Parks. For their safety, they are not admitted to most attractions.
  • Some attractions are particularly recommended for guests with visual impairments, as it is possible to experience the same sensations as other guests. These attractions, such as Flying Carpets Over Agrabah, are listed in The Official Guide for Guests with Disabilities.
  • Information guides to the parks are available in Braille (French and English) at City Hall and Studio Services. A small cash deposit or proof of identity will be required for one day's use.
Guests with Mental Disability
  • Some attractions may frighten Guests with mental disabilities, while others have some dimly lit areas. Those accompanying Guests with mental disabilities are asked to take special care throughout the parks.

Access to Attractions

Disneyland Park

As soon as you arrive at the park, go to City Hall or the Guest Relations Window with the people accompanying you. A Cast Member will advise you as to which attractions are the most easily accessible and will provide you, if required, with an Assisted Access Card, facilitating your access to attractions and to be used exclusively within Disneyland Park. Since some queue lines are not wheelchair-accessible, special entrances are provided.

The Assisted Access Card is reserved for disabled guests (except for guests with temporary disabilities), and allows holders and up to three companions to use these special entrances. It does not entitle you to priority access to attractions and shows. Cast Members at the attractions will tell you which entrance is reserved for you. For technical reasons, not all attractions at Disneyland Park are accessible to disabled visitors.

Walt Disney Studios Park

To promote maximum integration of disabled guests, all queue lines in this modern Disney Park are wheelchair-accessible. For access to attractions, all visitors are invited to take the same route. However, people whose disability is incompatible with these routes, can obtain an Assisted Access Card from Studio Services for use exclusively within Walt Disney Studios Park. It does not entitle the holder to priority access to attractions, but it allows the disabled visitor to wait outside the queue line, usually at the boarding area, while the rest of the accompanying group wait in the usual line.  Due to the nature of most of the park's attractions, however, this system is rarely used.


Certain attractions can accommodate only a limited number of Guests with disabilities at the same time. For everyone's comfort, we strongly recommend dividing your group into as many small groups as possible. For the comfort and safety of everyone, in the event of large attendance, Cast Members at certain attractions may ask you to return later.

Parades, Shows & Characters


Certain places along the Parade Routes in both Disney Parks are reserved for guests with wheelchairs. It is advised you arrive as early as possible, as these spaces can become full during busy seasons.

In Disneyland Park: At "it's a small world", Central Plaza and City Hall.

In Walt Disney Studios Park: Near Disney Studio 1 and opposite Moteurs... Action!.


All major show theatres in the two Disney Parks feature places reserved for guests with wheelchairs, clearly marked with the usual wheelchair symbol.  If you require assistance in finding a place to watch, don't hesitate to ask the nearest Cast Member.


Since the Disney Characters often attract large crowds of eager guests, it can sometimes be hard for you to get close to them. Don't hesitate to ask the Cast Member accompanying the character for assistance. It is particularly advisable to wait for the scheduled appearances - times and locations of which can be found here.

Disney Village

The bars, shops, restaurants and attractions of Disney Village are all wheelchair-accessible and adapted to meet the needs of guests with disabilities, but also note:

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

There are places reserved for guests in a wheelchair, ask immediately upon arrival. The show is not recommended for those with asthma or breathing problems.

Planet Hollywood

Menus in Braille (French and English) are available.

Gaumont Cinemas

All cinemas are wheelchair-accessible and five are equipped with audio induction loops for the hearing impaired.


Not suitable for guests requiring wheelchairs, due to the size of the capsule and safety barrier height.

Disney Hotels

The six main Disney Hotels have rooms adapted to meet the needs of Guests with reduced mobility.  These rooms have larger bathrooms (equipped with hand rails and a raised toilet), door viewer at wheelchair height and a double bed.

Specially adapted minibuses are available to transport guests with reduced mobility between the Disney Parks and Disney Hotels. Request this service at the reception desk of your Disney Hotel, City Hall or Studio Services.