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Children & Babies

Keeping the little dreamers going...

When you've got young children, even a trip to your local park can be a serious mission of planning expertise. A trip to Disneyland Resort Paris, then, can seem like an incredibly daunting task.

With Walt Disney's vision in mind, for a place where parents and children can have fun together, the two Disney Parks at Disneyland Resort Paris have certainly been designed with children - and their parents - in mind, to provide countless services, facilities and aids to make sure the trip is as magical for the parents as it is for the children!

Baby Care Centres

Both parks have special Baby Care Centres - next to Plaza Gardens restaurant in Disneyland Park and next to Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park. These facilities provide a convenient place for you to change your baby, prepare a meal and feed your baby. Nappies and baby food are on sale at these locations.

In addition to these facilities, changing tables are available in most park toilets and high chairs are available in every park restaurant.

Baby Switch

On selected attractions which are unsuitable for babies or young children, this free service allows both parents to enjoy an attraction without having to wait in line a second time.

The child is supervised in the station area by one parent whilst the other rides, and then visa-versa. Just ask the Cast Member at the entrance to your chosen "Big Thrill" attraction for more information.

Pushchair/Stroller Rental

For an extra charge and according to availability, pushchairs can be rented from the Strollers/Wheelchair rental locations in both parks, which can be found inbetween Main Street USA Railroad Station/Main Street Transportation in Disneyland Park and next to Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park. Due to limited availability, it is always recommended you bring your own pushchair if possible.

Pushchairs remain your responsibility during your entire stay in the parks, and must be left at the entrances to attractions before you begin to queue.

Play Areas

To give your feet a rest and to allow your children to use up some of their seemingly never-ending energy, Disneyland Park offers a selection of themed play areas. Pocahontas Indiana Village in Frontierland and Pirates' Beach in Adventureland provide a fun place for children to play, with a small play area also located within the Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet restaurant in Discoveryland.

Lost Children

With bright colours, interesting sights and Disney friends at every corner - there are a lot of distractions around the two Disney Parks! Make sure your group stays together and everyone knows where you're headed, to avoid anyone getting separated.

Lost children meeting points can be found at the Baby Care Centres in both parks (next to Plaza Gardens Restaurant in Disneyland Park and next to Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park). These special meeting points have Cast Members who can send a radio message around the park and help to locate lost family members. It is also advised you familiarise your children with these locations and advise them clearly on what to do if they become separated from you whilst in the parks.