20th Anniversary Wishes Wall

Our special 20th Anniversary section now has a new interactive element, allowing anyone to share their birthday greetings for Disneyland Paris as it reaches 20 years old. Like a giant, online birthday card, our new Wishes Wall is open not just for anniversary wishes but all your best stories, memories and anecdotes from the resort from the past 20 years.

Perhaps you introduced a newborn child to the parks, perhaps you fell in love at Disneyland, perhaps you were just blown away by the work of the Imagineers — just for fun, this is your chance to share those memories and join other fans to thank the people behind Disneyland Paris for the years of enjoyment, laughter and discovery the destination has given us. You might even want to share some of your dreams for its future…

Step up and write your message now!

Two more special feature pages are also planned for our 20th Anniversary section, including a 20 Moments Timeline highlighting twenty key dates in Disneyland Paris history.