We’ve got a double Disneyland Paris Calendar update for you today that has most likely been eagerly awaited by those planning summer trips to the magic.

First up, our Monthly Park Hours pages have now been updated with the latest park opening times up to the end of June 2012. And, as we predicted, it’s a clean sweep of 11pm closing times for Disneyland Park. You have to give Disneyland Paris credit for this: after years of the park not giving guests the full “Magic Kingdom” experience, they haven’t cautiously edged toward later hours but jumped right in, with Disney Dreams! providing the draw. On weekdays, giving a full 2 to 4 hours longer in the park. Incredible.

Meanwhile, we’ve also got the first Closures & Refurbishments for July — a grand total of three. That includes a fairly lengthy refurbishment for Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril and, unfortunately, the prolonged closure of River Rogue Keelboats. At the moment, Captain EO is also simply marked as “closed”, giving little hope of that rumoured temporary re-(re-?)opening for the busy summer season.

If you’re headed to Disneyland Paris soon, enjoy the 20th Anniversary summer!