Tuesday, 8th May 2012

Our Disney Dreams! HD Video Celebrates 50,000 Views!

Our Disney Dreams! HD video celebrates 50,000 views

Thank you! You came and dreamed a dream with us, now our HD video of the Disney Dreams! World Premiere has just become both the most watched video of the show on YouTube and officially the first to celebrate a staggering 50,000 views! (more…)

Monday, 7th May 2012

FIFTEEN More Updated 2012 Restaurant Menus, from Auberge to Victoria’s

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Here are no less than FIFTEEN more fully-updated Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus. Added to our original five, plus the following ten last Sunday and a further ten on Thursday, that now gives us a grand total of FORTY menus updated for 2012! (more…)

Thursday, 3rd May 2012

Now 25 Fully Updated 2012 Restaurant Menus – Check the Latest Ten Here!

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Our mega Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus update rolls ahead with a further TEN restaurants added to the list of those menus fully refreshed for 2012, giving us a total of twenty-five updated dining guides. (more…)

Tuesday, 1st May 2012

Park Hours Now Available to Mid-June 2012 – Late Nights Ahead!

Disneyland Paris Park Opening Hours

What a Dream this year is turning out to be. We’ve already seen the previously unheard-of appearance of 11pm closing times in April, and now it looks like that extended hour is going to be norm from Thursday, 24th May right through to the end of summer. (more…)

Sunday, 29th April 2012

Ten More Restaurant Menus Fully Updated – Is Your Favourite Here?

Restaurant Menus

The major update of our popular Restaurant Menus pages for 2012 has continued over the past few days. (more…)

Saturday, 28th April 2012

Last Chance to Save up to 40% with 20th Anniversary Launch Offer

20th Anniversary launch offer

So, you’re tempted by Disney Dreams!, you don’t want to miss all the special 20th Anniversary events… but you haven’t booked yet? (more…)

Thursday, 26th April 2012

First Five Restaurant Menus Updated with New Page Design, Information

Restaurant Menus

Along with five and a half hours of HD video (and counting) of the 20th Anniversary events, we took the chance during two trips earlier this month to walk the entire resort from end to end, through every land, park and hotel, collecting new photos of each and every menu for a major update of our popular Restaurant Menus section. (more…)

Sunday, 22nd April 2012

Park Tickets Guide Updated with Latest Prices, Special Offers

Disneyland Paris Park Tickets

The biannual yo-yoing of Disneyland Paris’ Park Tickets pricing continued this month as new prices for Spring/Summer 2012 were unveiled. With currency fluctuations, not to mention an expensive new nighttime spectacular and longer park opening hours, it’s the opposite scenario to last November, when many prices actually decreased. (more…)

Thursday, 19th April 2012

Closures & Refurbishments Updated to June 2012

The Closures & Refurbishments schedule is looking a whole lot emptier since the refurbishment frenzy ahead of the 20th Anniversary came to a close, but the next few months still bring a small scattering of closures across the parks. (more…)

Wednesday, 18th April 2012

Catch Up on 19 Original HD Videos from the 20th Anniversary!

Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Launch Weekend

Wow, what a month it has been already! First, the 20th Anniversary launch itself on the weekend of 31st March and 1st April, then the special one-off events for 12th April 2012 — celebrating exactly 20 years to the day that Disneyland Paris opened its gates to the world. (more…)

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