New HD Video: Disney Dreams! opening night from a new angle

Can you believe it, Disney Dreams! is almost two months old already! The thrilling new nighttime spectacular has taken Disneyland Paris by storm, giving the resort one of its highest ever “guest satisfaction” scores for a single attraction and redefining the experience of a day at the park.

To celebrate, we have a fourth and — for now — final full HD video of the show available to watch:

This is the second performance from opening night at 10.30pm on 1st April, filmed from further back than our previous videos, at the end of Main Street. From here, the show feels even bigger and you get a fantastic “wide angle” view of all the projections and effects.

Along with our World Premiere and Opening Night (Front Row) videos of the show, this now means have the whole first three full performances of the show recorded and available to watch online for all time. You can watch the 12th April 2012 performance, too.

For an inside look at the making of the show, our exclusive 48-minute video of the Steve Davison Q&A session reveals some fascinating details behind the design, production and testing — well worth watching to appreciate even more this incredible nightly journey to the Second Star to the Right — and beyond.