Restaurant Menus

Along with five and a half hours of HD video (and counting) of the 20th Anniversary events, we took the chance during two trips earlier this month to walk the entire resort from end to end, through every land, park and hotel, collecting new photos of each and every menu for a major update of our popular Restaurant Menus section.

From La Cantina to Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost, The Old Mill to Disney Blockbuster Café, that amounts to over 110 photos covering every menu that we’ll now use to update our pages with the latest meals and prices.

But that’s not all — before starting on this mammoth update, we’ve given the menu pages themselves a design update, their first since we launched the service after popular demand in November 2010. Now, the pages aim to offer more information about each venue beyond the menu itself, including useful information such as the location, service type, general cuisine offered, price range, meals available (breakfast, lunch or dinner), whether reservations are accepted and even a brief description of the restaurant’s theme or story.

The Meal Plans information is also completely revised, now providing details of both the Half Board and Full Board (Lunch or Dinner) availability at each restaurant. This information will be added to each page as we update the menus to their latest version, making our Restaurant Menus guides by far the most up-to-date, accessible and comprehensive available.

And finally, here are those first five updated menus:

Only 52 more to go!