Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

The first park hours to take in Disneyland Paris’ upcoming 25th Anniversary celebrations, launching March 2017, are now available.

Full opening hours for every day of March 2017 can be found on our Calendar — on a single page, at a glance.

The 25th Anniversary officially begins on Sunday, 26th March 2017. Disneyland Park hours clearly reflect the launch of the season, extending to 9pm from this date.

Meanwhile, hours are now also available for the full three months spanning January-March of Star Wars: Season of the Force, which takes place primarily in Walt Disney Studios Park. The park sees extended hours to 8pm on most days in March, to ensure darkness for its nightly Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration projection show, but also a rare 8.30pm closing time on 25th March and 9pm on 26th March.