Ratatouille: The Ride Disneyland Paris

It’s no secret that Walt Disney Studios Park will expand with a brand new dark ride and restaurant this summer, as Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy comes to life in La Place de Rémy, at the back of Toon Studio next to Toy Story Playland.

To begin the countdown, and to help provide a bit more basic background information about the new attraction, you can now find a brand new Ratatouille: The Ride teaser page here, and even featured at the top of every page!

This special page is intended as a temporary teaser, featuring the press release, video trailer and a helpful FAQ with a quick “Where? What? Who?” of the known facts so far.

Over the coming months, DLRP Today will be the main source for news and updates from the development, and if you’re keen to never miss the latest from Rémy’s new Parisian quarter, make sure you’re following both our Twitter accounts or our Facebook page, too:

An opening date still has yet to be announced, but with rumours pointing to early July, with possible previews from the end of June, we could have roughly as little as four months to wait until Ratatouille is finally a reality at Disneyland Paris.