The Closures & Refurbishments schedule is looking a whole lot emptier since the refurbishment frenzy ahead of the 20th Anniversary came to a close, but the next few months still bring a small scattering of closures across the parks.

Our latest update brings us to June 2012, with short closures for Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Le Carrousel de Lancelot.

Joining them are two attractions not under refurbishment but seemingly on their last legs: Captain EO is there already, not officially closed for good but “closed until further notice” — it might briefly re-open in summer (July and August). More surprising perhaps, considering the limited attraction offer of Walt Disney Studios Park, is the now weekly Tuesday to Thursday closure of Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux. Rumours swirl of a removal or retheme, certainly not imminently, but surely in the coming years, so enjoy this unique Disney attraction while (or perhaps, when) you can…

Meanwhile, the closure of River Rogue Keelboats is listed only until the end of May, so perhaps we could see Coyote and Raccoon return from their over-long hibernation to the Rivers of the Far West in time for summer after all?